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 Post subject: Battletech Question
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 7:59 pm 

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Okay I just left a local game store, new one in my area, and after hearing this conversation I am a bit baffled and confused at how some folks act about things.

Guy was there demoing Battletech, he had eight mechs, aka lance on lance, and had about 6 folks learning the game, so far so go. I was very happy to see this happening, hell most folks in the area are either WH40K or one of the card game players.

So as I am buying the comics and paints, I hear these two guys talking, note they are watching NOT playing, and their biggest beef was that the guy running things had a mech that wasn't an official mech on the table, and some how this was like a flogging offense to these two and their reason, because it's not how the game should is played. So I ask out curiosity, how having a "home made" mech is not how the game is played?

Their answer was only official mechs are allowed in demo games. So I asked them are you Commandos (or what ever CGL calls their group) or affiliated with CGL in any shape or form? They said no, but then go on tell me it's in the rules. So hearing that, and I freely admit some of the new rules I am not up to speed on, and many of the new "toys" and such I don't agree with, I watch the demo game for about 25 minutes.

Yes the guy running the game was using a home made mech, a mere 20 ton mech that has two small lasers a MG and a SRM2. Here is the part the two missed, ALL of the players were using 40 tons or heavier mechs. Break down of the other mechs, three Chameleons (Oh gee, the original mech to learn the game with, gosh), a Vindicator, and two Panthers and he had a Wasp in case of eight people wanted to play. His mech was there so he could play and teach. So after watching the game and not seeing any thing that was crazy or not following the rules, I left. They were having fun and thus to me that is what matters, hope we see more of this locally.

Now my question(s) is did the rules change? Is it stated that you must use book aka official mechs for demo games?


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