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 Post subject: Clan Stone Rhino
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:37 pm 
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I saw a like thread over on CBT. It reminded me of the background I wrote for my homebrew Clan. There is mention of several homebrew Clans and of course altered history. So purists may not like the changes in our tables Clan history.

As a for instance. When our table played Falcon v Wolf scenario pack the lead Wolf player left Natasha K out of the fight that killed her )legal by the scenario rules). So she went on to lead the Wolves to victory over the Falcons and the Exiles came home. So read on true believers and enjoy the history of (My) Clan Stone Rhino.
The Stone Rhino possesses phenomenal physical strength and endurance, and unswerving loyalty. The founder chose as our Totem a most noble and astounding creature. We emulate the ways of the Stone Rhino for it is the way of the Clans. We will ever defend that which is ours, and those who have shown themselves worthy of our might.
-The Remembrance (Clan Stone Rhino), Passage 12, Verse 24, Lines 12-18

Ours is a history of honor, and a testament of our way. We of Clan Stone Rhino have never strove to be leaders amongst the Clans that is not our destiny. Our destiny is to lead the new Star League and bring glory to its name.

Loremaster Pershaw, it is by your request that we, Clan Stone Rhino submit this document containing the details of our history, views, and military might. Owing to a catastrophe of the most extreme measure, we lost the forces that were destined to gain us a place in the Invasion. Though not yet whole, we have the might to gain our rightful place, and bring honor to Aleksandr’s vision. Read now the testament of our spirit, of our glory, of the true way.
- Loremaster Benjamin Hosta, Clan Stone Rhino
On this 6th day of March, in the year 3059, Seyla.

History of Clan Stone Rhino
During the war against the Usurper, Aleksandr Kerensky depended upon many Generals to carry out the liberation of the Hegemonies. Brigadier General Danyal Hosta was one of those men. As Commander of the 238th BattleMech Division Gen. Hosta served Aleksandr Kerensky loyally fighting the Usurpers forces with valor. Danyal viewed himself a knight from ancient Terra, and lived by the codes of chivalry. After the great houses showed their true nature, turning upon each other for the sake of more power, Aleksandr Kerensky called for the Exodus, and Danyal was instrumental to the organization of the departure.

Once the Exodus fleet reached the pentagon worlds, Danyal assisted in the colonization on Circe. As the taint of the old houses began to surface, Danyal again fought beside Aleksandr trying to restore peace. After the death of Aleksandr, Danyal pledged his loyalty to Nicholas saying, “Lead and I shall follow, fight and I will defend, as I served your father, so shall I serve his son!”

Once the second Exodus had reached Strana Mechty, Danyal again helped with the colonization process. During a patrol early in the colonization, Danyal was heading a security unit that stumbled into a Stone Rhino herd. During the confusion, several of the MechWarriors had fired on and killed members of the herd. To the units astonishment the Rhinos began fiercely attacking the Mech force. The Stone Rhinos completely destroyed several Mechs then amazingly left.

After reviewing the battle-ROM, Danyal discovered the Mechs destroyed were the ones responsible for the Rhino casualties. Danyal went back to the location of the herd, and discovered that the Rhinos had buried their fallen and the fallen BattleMechs as well.

He reported back to Nicholas what he had discovered, and was given orders to study the Stone Rhinos to see if they would make a good Totem for the soon to be Clans. It was discovered that the Rhinos were extremely valorous and intelligent creatures. Danyal had even formed a bond with one of the Rhinos, which he named "Armadon". Armadon remained Danyal’s companion until his death.

When the time to test, who would become the warriors in Kerensky's new society, Danyal earned the right to become a Khan of one of the new Clans. He was deeply honored to find Nicholas named him Khan of Clan Stone Rhino.

Khan Hosta's first order of business was to impart the code of conduct that he himself lived by to the new warriors of his Clan. Second was to show them the way that the mighty Rhinos only destroy those who earned their wrath.

When the time arrived for the Clans to reclaim the Pentagon world's Clan Stone Rhino fought along side Clans Blood Spirit, Ghost Bear, Star Adder, and Steel Viper on Arcadia. The fighting was fierce, yet our warriors refused to deliberately kill the Arcadian forces. After all, these were our brothers and sisters we fought.

The Arcadians did not hold the same respect for our forces. During an intense engagement saKhan Kevin Dagon and his Trinary was ambushed and slaughtered. Khan Hosta studied the battle-ROM identifying the Mechs responsible for his saKhan's death. He then passed the descriptions on to the Khans of the other Clans, requesting the right to engage and kill the company responsible.

Days later, Clan Blood Spirit radioed Khan Hosta with the co-ordinates of the company. Khan Hosta's command Trinary fell upon the Arcadian warriors giving no quarter. Once the battle had ended, Khan Hosta ordered the Arcadian warriors buried with full honors, next to the saKhan and his men.

After Operation Klondike was over, Khan Hosta selected a new saKhan, Star Captain Jeffrey Mallan.
saKhan Mallan was from Gamma Galaxy’s, 29th Armored Assault Cluster, Delta Trinary. The saKhan's armored vehicle Trinary was cut off from the rest of their cluster by a BattleMech battalion of Arcadian resistance fighters. The members of his Trinary were sure they would not survive. Star Captain Mallan informed his troops that they were "strong enough" to not only live, but to crush the enemy. He then told his Trinary they were under direct orders to, 'remain alive until he gave the order to die!' (This is a standing order for all Stone Rhino warriors to this day.)

Delta Trinary began a series of hit and run assaults on the battalion, which disrupted the units supply line, and then the command capability. Delta returned to their Cluster, the enemy forces were destroyed, and the Trinary had lost only one tank crew (saKhan Mallan filed formal charges against the deceased crew for disobeying a lawful order; this is a tradition to this day.). Khan Hosta knew this was the commander he wanted for his second, a warrior who places more value on life than on victory.

Once the fighting was over, the integrating of the Arcadian citizens into the Clan began. One thing that helped was that the Arcadians remembered that the Stone Rhino warriors went to great lengths to spare the lives of the Arcadians. Khan Hosta went before the new members of his Clan and told them, "Our enemies died on the fields of battle, you are our brothers and sisters, and you shall be treated with the respect that comes with being family. Welcome home, welcome to your new family."

Finding our Feet
After Operation Klondike, Khan Hosta implemented many programs to shore up Clan Stone Rhino's ability to defend what it owned, while also expanding its holdings and resources.
Only an extremely strong Clan could lead the reformed Star League, and Khans Hosta and Mallan set in motion the means to become that Clan. All members of our Clan receive basic infantry training, the warrior caste although the pinnacle of our society was ordered to always remember every caste has its strength, and no caste is greater than any other.

An exploration corps was established and given the task of finding habitable worlds with resources needed to strengthen our military capabilities. The fruit of that venture was quick in coming, but never overly abundant.

During this time, it was our sad duty to vote for the Annihilation of the Not-Named Clan. Several years later, after killing ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky, the Absorption of Clan Widowmaker became necessary.
Early in the 29th century, Clan Smoke Jaguar began heavy raids against our colonies on the planets Pike, Haas, and Monarch. Though the Jaguars lost most of the battles the cost of our victories was high.
On Monarch, the Jaguars landed with two full clusters. Monarch's defenders were Alpha Galaxy's 1st Armored Assault Cluster and two Mech Trinaries from the 12th Provisional Garrison Cluster. SaKhan Mallan led the defense of Monarch until a lucky laser shot breeched the ammo stores in saKhan Mallan's Rhino Assault Vehicle killing the crew. In honor of his friend's famous order, Khan Hosta filed formal charges against the saKhan for disobeying his own lawful order. Star Colonel Anthony Parapasu of Beta Galaxy’s 42nd Fusiliers Cluster was chosen as our new saKhan.

Clan Burrock smelling blood tried their hand at trials against us. Though less successful than the Jaguars, the Burrocks refused to (which we found commendable). Until their absorption by Clans Blood Spirit and Star Adder, Clan Burrock never ceased to raid our borders.

The Golden Century
During the era known as "the Golden Century", the Clans Scientist Caste made phenomenal improvements in the fields of medicine, and weapons development. Our Clan and Clan Golden Badger were the forerunners in Endo-steel and Ferro-Fibrous development. Our (both) Clans Scientists even co-created armor and internal structure compounds that are twice as resistant to damage as any previously forged.
We (both again) had even stumbled on an internal structure compound that was as light as Endo-steel but without the bulk. The structure was fragile, but the scientist felt the weight and space saving was worth the increased fragility.

Many trials were fought for the new compounds, with Clans Ghost Bear and Blood Spirit leading the pack. It was during our trial with Clan Ghost Bear that our greatest tragedy occurred.

Because our Clan and the Ghost Bears are so similar in all aspects of society, our Khan personally accepted the challenge by Khan Sandra Tseng. The two Keshik Command Trinaries met on the field of battle. The battle that ensued was legendary, earning a passage in both Clans Remembrances.
For nearly 17 hours the two Khans forces clashed, with Clan Ghost Bear slowly gaining the advantage. Khan Sandra Tseng fired a long ranged shot from her Atlas's Gauss Cannon, the ill-fated slug slammed into Khan Hosta's Battlemaster's head. On September 3rd 2835, Khan Hosta died in honorable combat. SaKhan Anthony Parapasu assumed the position as Khan, and appointed Galaxy Commander Steven Quinn from Alpha Galaxy, as saKhan.

Clan Ghost Bear’s Khans honored our loss by attending the funeral service. To further show the depth of their sorrow, the Khans delivered twenty of their newly produced Kodiak BattleMech to our holdings on Strana Mechty.

The introduction of the OmniMech and Elemental warriors were the crowning advancements during the Golden Century. OmniMechs gave some of the weaker Clans a short-term advantage against us. Clan Smoke Jaguar for instance took possession of our holdings on Vinton wholesale. Clan Coyote then smashed our forces on Londerholm capturing that enclave. We lost several more holdings by the time we recovered from the shock of these attacks.

We contacted our comrades’ in Clan Ghost Bear, and issued a Batchall for Omni technology. The Bears pit the best warriors from Alpha Galaxy against the 32nd Armored Assault Cluster. Three trials were fought, The Ghost Bears fought for our recently won Plasma rifle technology, and we for OmniMech technology.
The Bears won the first trial clearly. Our second engagement was a draw, as glorious a battle as ever fought by our Clans. As testament to the respect shared by our Clans, both sides agreed to exchange the portions of desired technology from this trial, if our force could win the next trial. The Ghost Bears are always worthy rivals, but in the third trial the victory was ours. We had both won the needed technology, and began to implement its use.

When the Jaguar came to Monarch to take our primary Mech factory (Monarch Heavy Industrial Complex Rho), our newly created OmniMechs, Rampage and Vires met them. The Jaguars fell before us like lambs at the slaughter. Our place was re-established as one of the Clans most potent military forces.

Philosophical Warfare

Near the end of the 30th century, the debate began about when and how we should return to the hallowed grounds of the Inner Sphere. Thus began the philosophies belonging to the Wardens, who wished to protect the Inner Sphere, and the Crusaders, who desired to crush the Successor Houses.

Like the Steel Vipers our Clan is an even mix of Crusaders and Wardens, and like them we walk a fine line between the two camps. It is our belief that we are truly worthy to lead a reformed Star League, and will prove it by fighting trials against the Successor States and/or any other force willing to challenge our claim. Once in our rightful role, we will lead the defense of our new charges and protect them from harm both from within and external. Our present Khans are split on the issue. Khan Mallan is from the Warden Camp, while saKhan Goldburg is a devout Crusader. Yet with this divergence in philosophies, our Khans join as a well-honed machine.

When the Wolves offered the ‘Dragoon Compromise’ we voted for the compromise. Intelligence was required if we were to fight on an even playing field with the Inner Sphere.

The Star Adders had begun waging mock battles against themselves in preparation for the impending invasion. As our Khans and Galaxy Commanders studied the Dragoon data, and compared it against the outcomes the Adders had told us about, we reached the same conclusion the Adders had. A war with the Inner Sphere would be costly, and bloody.

So we requested to train with the Star Adders, to hone our skills, and test our mettle verse the Inner Spheres Dezgra tactics. When fighting by the code of Zellbrigen, our forces were defeated consistently. When we fought using our tactics for Dezgra forces, we tore through Star Adders Kappa Galaxy.
After the ComStar vessel Outbound Light appearance near Huntress, the Invasion debate took up a new life. Once the vote was final, and the Invasion confirmed we prepared for the coming trials. Beta, Epsilon, Lambda and Psi Galaxies were chosen to fight the trials to gain our place in the Invasion. This is when Clan Stone Rhino suffered its greatest loss.

For reasons beyond our comprehension, the Monolith–class Jumpship carrying the majority of Epsilon Galaxy exploded, causing shockwaves of such magnitude that the remainder of the fleet was obliterated. The loss of all of our invasion forces required us to withdraw our bid for inclusion to the invasion. Though we were not able to participate, we have faith that we would have earned a place alongside Clans Ghost Bear, Wolf, and Jade Falcon in the Inner Sphere.

The Present and Future
We have taken ten years to rebuild Beta and Psi Galaxies, but that is due our belief in strength over growth. These two Galaxies are rejoining the Touman at nearly veteran status. During the Harvest Trials, Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon learned that our Touman is ready and willing to join the invasion. Not as a member of their Clans but as Stone Rhinos, for we won every trial.

Clans Blood Spirit and Star Adder absorbed the corrupt Clan Burrock, and lay to rest the mongrel that had nipped at our heels for nearly two centuries.

The Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney as always, reached for that which he could not grasp. In attempting to get the home Clans involved in the invasion, he raised the ire of the invading Clans. Thanks though to the true warriors of Clans; Blood Spirit, Hell’s Horses, and Star Adder, who were willing to fight the giants of Clan Wolf and Jade Falcon, earning a Trial of Position, in the invasion for the home Clans.

The routing of Clan Smoke Jaguar in the Inner Sphere, and the “new” Star League’s attack on Huntress, has proved that the House Lords have claws and the knowledge how to use them. It also breaks the Truce of Tukayyid.

Now we prepare to once again battle for the right to enter the invasion. Barring another disaster, we will earn our rightful place at the vanguard of the invasion. Then we shall march forward to become the ilClan, and leaders of the true Star League. Ours is the way of chivalry, honor, and valor as personified by our Clans founders and the intent of the noble Aleksandr and Nicholas Kerensky.

Military Doctrine
Clan Stone Rhino has always fought with honor when honor is due. Should an adversary prove to be without honor, we have no choice but to fight fire with superior fire. Our greatest emphasis is on the survival of our warriors, and the sparing of our Brother Clans warriors when ever possible. Few if any of the other Clans share this view, but that is not our concern. We hold ourselves to a higher code of conduct, and do not expect others to understand.

Unit Organization
Our Touman consists of seven Galaxies, each of these Galaxies consist of four front-line and one second-line Clusters. Each front-line Cluster is composed of two OmniMech Trinaries, one Supernova Trinary of OmniMechs and Elementals, a Trinary of Aerospace Fighters, and a Trinary of armored vehicles support the three OmniMech Trinaries.

Each second-line Cluster is composed similar to the front-line Clusters, with the exception that there are three BattleMech Trinaries, supported by a Conventional Fighter Trinary, and an armored vehicle Supernova with conventional infantry.

The use of conventional fighter crafts was an innovative idea that several of the aero intensive Clans initiated. Aerospace assets are expensive (resource wise) and therefore too valuable to be assigned to a defensive role. As air support is vital to all aspects of combat, a substitute was required. Conventional aircraft fit the need perfectly. Requiring fewer resources to construct, and proving to be more agile in atmospheric engagements, they were the best solution to the problem.

Honoring the Fallen
We of Clan Stone Rhino are unique amongst the Clans, for we honor the warriors who die in battle against us. Since the Pentagon Campaign, we have honored our fallen opponents by providing a burial with full military honors. As the eugenics program developed, the Clans required the return of their worthy, so we began entering the names of opponents into our Remembrance. In the cases where the fallen had not gained entrance into the eugenics program, we continue to offer proper burials.

Because the warriors of our Clan are under orders to stay alive until ordered to die, our Touman is populated by some of the most seasoned warriors in the Clans. Clan Stone Rhino is the only Clan without a single Solahma unit. For as long as a warrior proves capable of combat, the warrior remains active.
There is no dishonor in retiring to a different (not lower) caste for a Rhino warrior. When our warriors finally test out of the warrior caste, they are retired to a related field, such as; Herdsman (sibko trainer) sharing their years of experience with the next generation of warriors. They may join the Technician caste, bringing their years of intimate contact with military vehicles, to the caretakers of those same machines.

Perhaps they may become members of the Merchant caste. Being familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of vehicles encountered during their career, creates a shrewd merchant. This may explain the seeming indestructibility of our Touman.

Military Assets
Our Touman has been a powerful force throughout the centuries, due mainly to the concept of, “building only the best”. The Stone Rhino military does not have a large variety of assets. This is not due to a shortage of materials, but by choice. By limiting the variety of vehicles available, we have honed the ones in our Touman to the pinnacle of efficiency. Therefore, our Mechs, aerospace fighters, armored vehicles and elemental armors are of the highest quality within the Clans.

Omni and BattleMech Assets;
The Stone Rhino Mech forces are among the heaviest, and deadliest in the Clans. Omni’s such as the Rampage, Warhawk, Vires and Timber Wolf comprise the mainstay for our forces. While medium and light Mechs such as the Dominus, Ice Ferret, Vastio, and Adder provide speed and maneuverability where needed.

Omni and Aerospace Fighter Assets;
As with our Mech forces, our fighter assets consist mostly of the largest and deadliest in the Clans. The exception is our conventional fighters, which are limited to mainly light fighters.

Vehicle and Infantry Assets;
Here again assault and heavy vehicles dominate. This is appropriate to the defensive nature given to our vehicle assets. Infantry, long reviled in other Clans, is given the respect deserved by these brave souls. The Stone Rhino infantryman is provided with all the training and equipment required, granting them the greatest chance to survive, and even triumph in an engagement with other Clans Mech and vehicle forces.

Naval Assets:
Clan Stone Rhino’s Naval Assets have always been formidable, without having an over abundance of ships. The navy consists of our flagship, the McKenna-class Armadon, with a support Star of Assault-class Dropships, and six Stars of Omni Fighters.

The remainder of the fleet is divided into three Naval Stars (Indomitable, Invulnerable, and Invincible). Each Star possesses at least one Capitol-class ship, two Destroyer-class, and two Corvette-class ships. These Stars also have a star of Assault Dropships, a Star of Jumpships, and a minimum of six Omni Fighter Stars.
A forth-naval star was destroyed in the “Operation Revival Disaster”. We are presently attempting to rebuild the Star, and have issued Trials of Possession to the Snow Ravens for one of the new Kerensky-class, and Conqueror-class warship, also Clan Star Adder has been challenged for possession of the Lola III-class Yodan and Cameron’s Flame, and the Defiant-class Vritra warships.

Not since the formation of the Clans, has one Clan issued so many trials for warships. It is from necessity that we issue these Trials, for now the Inner Sphere is fielding their own warships, requiring us to reinforce our naval might.

Stone Rhino Naval Assets
McKenna-class Armadon
Dropship Star
3 Noruff
2 Titan

Indomitable Naval Star
Texas-class Rampage
Essex-class Star Slayer and Exodus Quest Fredasa-class Fury and Blindside
Jumpship Star Assault Dropship Star
2 Monolith 1 Noruff
1 Star Lord 2 Carrier
2 Comitatus 2 Vengeance
Invulnerable Naval Star
Potemkin-class Wrath
Lola III-class Warlord
York-class Hornets Nest
(Negotiating for a Conqueror-class from Clan Snow Raven)
Vincent Mk42-class Lightning
Fredasa-class Thunderbolt
Jumpship Star Assault Dropship Star
2 Monolith 3 Noruff
2 Odysseys 2 Titan
1 Comitatus
Invincible Naval Star
Sovetskii Soyuz-class Conquistador
Aegis-class Danyal Hosta
Lola III -class Shannen Davis
Fredasa-class Chaos Lord and Cutthroat
Jumpship Star Assault Dropship Star
2 Monolith 1 Noruff
1 Star Lord 2 Titan
2 Comitatus 2 Achilles
Adamant Naval Star (Not yet possessed)
Lola III-class Yodan
Lola III-class Cameron’s Flame
Defiant-class Vritra

NOTE: All ships in the Stone Rhino fleet carry enough escape pods/life boats to evacuate the entire crew, at the expense of free cargo tonnage.

Uniforms and Insignia
Clan Stone Rhino's field uniform is reminiscent of 20th century Terra’s North American armed forces uniform. The uniform consisting of camouflage fatigues with multiple pockets, for mission specific equipment. To this has been added armored re-enforcement on the chest, shoulders, thighs, and forearms all are capable of withstanding a single laser hit from a standard Elementals laser. The helmet issued is state of the art, equipped with a Heads Up Display equal to that in Elemental armor and able to withstand several physical blows from an Elemental. The Clan Insignia is worn on the right shoulder; unit emblem is positioned under the Stone Rhino emblem. The warrior’s rank is worn on the blouse collars.

The dress uniform is fashioned after the Musketeers uniform from 17th century France. Consisting of black trousers, a white loose-sleeved shirt, topped with a black surcoat trimmed in the color designating the warrior’s classification (Red-MechWarrior, Blue-Fighter pilot, Green-Elemental, Black-Warship, Dropship, and Jumpship, finally Yellow-conventional vehicle crews and standard infantry). The surcoat is emblazoned with the Clan Insignia on the chest and back. The uniform boots are knee high cured leather, with knee guard. The uniform is topped off with a large brimmed hat, complete with a large plume in the color denoting the warrior’s class. Honors and medals are worn on the right breast of the uniform. Warriors of Star Commander Rank and above wear an epee and scabbard at their left hip.

The ceremonial uniform replaces the surcoat and hat, with a bronze stylized breastplate and an enameled mask shaped like a Stone Rhino’s head.

Decorations and Awards
All members of the 29th Armored Assault Cluster, Delta Trinary wear a green braid with thin yellow and red stripes interwoven on their right shoulder. The decoration is a reminder of the heroic determination shown by that Trinary during the Pentagon Campaign, and is called the Arcadian Fortage’.

All Stone Rhino warriors fight with honor and bravery above the call of duty; it is the rare warrior indeed that defies the odds to rescue the life of his fallen comrades. The Cameron’s Medal of Honor is designated for those warriors. The warrior’s commanding officer submits a report of the actions taken by the nominee, specifying the odds faced and the level of success. Both Khans review the report, if deemed worthy the Khan personally presents the award to the warrior and enters the warrior’s name in The Remembrance.
The codexes of all Stone Rhino warriors that die in battle (who are not a part of an Omega unit) receive as a final entry, charges for disobeying a lawful order. There is no loss of honor from this charge; it is only a testament of Clan Stone Rhino’s dedication to the life of each of its warriors.

Rank Insignia
The rank Insignia worn by Stone Rhino warriors is a Greek character in the color of his classification (red-MechWarrior, blue-Fighter pilot, green-Elemental, black-Warship, Dropship, and Jumpship, finally yellow-conventional vehicle crews and standard infantry). Star commanders wear Epsilon, Star Captains wear Delta, Star Colonel wear Gamma, Galaxy commanders wear Beta, the saKhan wears a silver Alpha, and the Khan wears a Gold Alpha. Point designation is a number of gold hash marks, equal to the warriors positioning the Star, worn on the left shoulder (Point one has one hash, point two wears two hashes, etc.).

Leaders and Ristars
Khan Josephus Mallan:
The Khan is a MechWarrior beyond compare, and a Leader without equal. He has lead Clan Stone Rhino for almost fifteen years. He assumed the position after the honorable death of then-Khan Shannen Davis. As saKhan to Shannen he had proven himself as the only choice as successor, by orchestrating the rebuilding and retraining of Beta and Psi Galaxies.

Three years ago after a typhoon of indescribable magnitude struck the western seacoast of the continent Acasta on Pike. Khan Mallan did the unthinkable. In an effort to assist the beleaguered labor caste of Pike, he and all the warriors of the Adamantine Keshik volunteered the might of their OmniMechs to rebuilding the seaside colonies. Never before in the history of the Clans has any warrior, much less the Khan himself, willingly performed the duties of the labor caste. As his ancestor taught the first warriors of this Clan, ‘No caste is greater than any other.’ Khan Josephus Mallan displayed the truth in that adage, in sacrificing his personal pride to achieve a rapid recovery for the citizens of Acasta.

saKhan William Goldburg:
Our saKhan is a mountain of genetic perfection. An Elemental of unsurpassable physical strength, it is on record that he bent a 65 mm thick bar of our Clans hardened armor with his bear hands.

As a military commander Khan Mallan only surpasses him. SaKhan Goldburg is the only Elemental to pass the Trial of Position with four victories, entering service as a Star Colonel. He has commanded every Cluster in Alpha Galaxy starting in the 12th Provisional Garrison Cluster. He proclaimed that he would never think of serving in any Galaxy but the best, even if it meant starting as a garrison warrior.

Within 5 years he was the Commanding Officer of Alpha Galaxy. Six months later Khan Mallan sponsored Galaxy Commander Goldburg for his saKhan. They have fought over as many policies as they have agreed, but saKhan Goldburg has stated ‘he would never attempt to take the Khans place, while the Khan was still breathing.’

Star Colonel Xando Parapasu:
Commanding the 82nd Fusiliers Cluster, Star Colonel Parapasu is unique in Clan Stone Rhino. This is because he is a trueborn Rhino warrior, who trained in Clan Sparrow Hawk’s Land-Air-Mech program. Xando is presently the only LAM pilot in the Rhino Touman. Khan Shannen Davis fought a Trial of Possession to enter Xando into LAM training to find if LAMs were worth placing into our Clans military.

To date Star Colonel Parapasu has been shot down four times in eight years, and his 400 confirmed kills are impressive by any Clans standards.

ecKhan Ceranno:
Elemental Star Captain Ceranno is reputed to have Nova Cat blood. This is due to his fanatical devotion to mysticism (Voodoo). When off duty the dark skinned Kasavubian ecKhan is an unnerving image, with amber eyes shining from under the hood of his red trimmed black velvet robe, which is embroidered with silver glyphs and adorned with dozens of talismans charms and veneers. His body is covered from head to waist with tattoos symbolizing his faith. He also carries a staff of Circian Oak, carved to resemble a serpent (it appears to be a Cloud Cobra) with a fanged human skull for its head.

His position as ecKhan of the Kasavubu Cloister has improved our usually cordial relations with Clan Cloud Cobra, and they have allowed us to form a garrison in the former Smoke Jaguar holdings on Homer.

Stone Rhino Bloodnames
General Names: House Leader
Andriejak S. Col. Mary Andriejak
Girard S. Col. Michael Girard
Mallan Khan Josephus Mallan
Parapasu G. Com. Jocelyn Parapasu

MechWarrior House Leader
Dagon S. Col. Therion Dagon
Hosta G. Com. Angelica Hosta
Peterson S. Col. Gabriel Peterson
Waite S. Col. Arthur Waite
Wright S. Col. Stewart Wright

Elemental House Leader
Boone S. Col. Dale Boone
Dye S. Col. Brian Dye
Goldburg saKhan William Goldburg
Aerospace House Leader
Ranjii G. Com. Carlos Ranjii
Shiningstar S. Col. Angelique Shiningstar
Davis S. Capt. Cameron Davis

Well I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think. I have unit specializations, random mech lists, and views of other Clans too.

Oh look goldfish!!!

Clan Stone Rhino's View of Other Clans

Clan Blood Spirit
Our Brothers-in-Arms in this Clan see things much as we do. Their offer of assistance proved they were always worthy of our friendship. If the need arises, we shall accept their offer, but it is unlikely.

Clan Cloud Cobra
The Cobras have one of the most potent aerospace forces, but lack in ground strength. This makes them susceptible to pyrrhic victories.

Clan Coyote
The Coyotes created the OmniMech. Magnificent machines, but what of their warriors? Their fall from glory is a shame; we should make it a point to show them what makes a Clan truly great.

Clan Diamond Shark
We respect our merchant caste. We even take to heart their suggestions. To let them rule our Clan would be foolish. In the case of Clan Diamond Shark though, it works for them. So long as their warriors fight with honor we care not how they run their Clan.

Clan Emerald Dragon
They weathered the raids and trials from so many Clans (including ours) for countless years, never once crying to the Council of Khans for censure. The Dragons survived, and since they are the most resource savvy of the Clans, they are more than able to rebuild to full strength.

Clan Fire Mandrill
They are tenacious warriors, and they are simpletons, enough said Quiaff.

Clan Ghost Bear:
Clan Ghost Bear and our Clan have equivalent fighting styles, which make trials with them worthy of reference in the Remembrance. We honor the Ghost Bears, but pity their lapse in judgment by joining the Warden Camp.

Clan Golden Badger:
Our friends since the Golden Century, without their assistance we could not have made many of the armor and structure improvements we have today.

Clan Goliath Scorpion:
Except for their expert marksmanship they have no redeeming qualities. The 20th Century expression “Dead Head” fits these lunatics.

Clan Hell's Horses:
If only they would not place such faith in conventional vehicles, they could be a true power in the Clans.

Clan Ice Hellion:
We enjoyed our meetings with the Hellions. They end quickly!

Clan Jade Falcon:
The Falcons have always fought with honor. They have proven worthy of respect. It is time they start to show us the same, or we may have to take our trials with them … personal.

Clan Nova Cat:
It will be our honor and privilege to annihilate these traitors.

Clan Obsidian Tiger:
Such ferocity from Wardens is a breath of fresh air. If ever they wish to challenge us again, we will gratefully accept.

Clan Snow Raven:
They are opportunists and scavengers, but their Naval might is not to be ignored. For this we respect them.

Clan Sparrow Hawk:
They have always defended their holdings with vehicles that nearly all the Clans find an abomination. Our Star Colonel Parapasu was trained in their LAM sibkos, and his codex is astounding by any standard. We will soon challenge them for LAM technology, and then add its strength to our already formidable military.

Clan Star Adder:
They cooperated well with us during the liberation of the Pentagon worlds for that we respect them. They and Clan Blood Spirit Absorbed Clan Burrock. For this we applaud them. We hope their newfound strength does not go to their heads.

Clan Steel Viper:
They hate our way of battle. That must be because they are unable to win against it.

Clan Wolf:
Here is a Clan worthy of the greatest of respect. Since the Trial of Refusal, the Wolves have been severely wounded. We will wait and watch Khan Natasha Kerensky reforms her Clan. If they deserve it, we stand ready to help.

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 Post subject: Re: Clan Stone Rhino
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:00 pm 

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Medron Pryde - The Great and Terrible :blah:
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 Post subject: Re: Clan Stone Rhino
PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:11 am 
General Know it All
General Know it All

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I like your write up alot :toast: , are you going to post all the other items you mentioned soon ?, and what about the custom unit designs ?

Looking forward to more :suave: :whip:

Dave. :wave:

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Ahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Aahahaha!


Yrs sincerely
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 Post subject: Re: Clan Stone Rhino
PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:32 am 
General Nuisance
General Nuisance

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I have the units backed up somewhere and what other items in particular Dav?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:41 am 
General Know it All
General Know it All

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I have the units backed up somewhere and what other items in particular Dav?

Any custom designs - you have not already posted - would be great :D .

as I said you have really posted a very interesting clan, it's well rounded IMHO, not at all muncy as some I have seen on other fan sites.



Battle Corps : FED-03C3


Ahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Aahahaha!


Yrs sincerely
The Opera Ghost
— (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:53 am 
General Nuisance
General Nuisance

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Thanks. One of the things that actually handicaps this Clan is that if they Kill a oponent during as Trial of Possession they forfiet the trial as their Sukarede. I gave them the "reroll head caps" like Kia's Solaris stable to keep it so I can afford to wage trials.

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