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 Post subject: Alternative WW2 history
PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:36 pm 
Antisocial General
Antisocial General

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Imagining an alternative history. Let us suppose the following.

- Instead of invading Russia after Dunkirk, Germany takes a year or two to consolidate its gains in continental Europe, while doing just enough to keep Britain on the ropes.

- Across the world, Japan avoids antagonizing the USA and does not bother hoarding outlying islands which are difficult to supply and defend. Instead of attacking Pearl Harbor and spreading all over the Pacific, Japan focuses on building its positions in nearby China and Korea, with concentrated air and sea power basically turning the Sea of Japan into the Emperor's private pond.

- At some coordinated time in early 1942 or so, the Axis hit Russia from both ends.

That should be good enough for a starting point. And...GO!

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:25 pm 

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Moscow falls by Spring of 1944 and Japan is bogged down in Siberia and China and dealing with partisans and rebellions. Vichy France joins in after the Germans promises more autonomy in France and England keeps trying to hold on to Burma and Malaysia area as Japan gets a major deal with the Dutch puppet government in the DEI for oil and rubber.


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:55 am 
Supreme Mugwump
Supreme Mugwump

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To justify the attack of Poland Germany hires an assasin who assassinates walis Simpson, makeing it look as if he has tried to kill the King,
also creating the appearance to be a Polish Nationalist.

Result: GB has an openly German-friendly King, and never enters the war(also because the German attack on Poland is thought to be justified).

German Navy never has to blokade GB and is free to help Japan when the Need arises.
British Industry can provide Engines for german Tanks and Aircraft.
Several SS-divisions are formed out of british volunteers of "arian and related blood"
the conflict between Italy and GB over certain Areas in africa is solved by negotiation.
thr german war Industry is never bothered by air-raids.(all air raids but one(wich was from soviet territory) came from British bases)
German Luftwaffe can concentrate on supporting the advances of the Army.

Later, when GB has officially joined the Axis, the combined might of the IJN and RN, supported by german Uboats, take on the US.
with the combined might of all europe and asia, as well as Africa , the joined Empires crush the americas.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:52 am 
Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General

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The Axis delaying attacking Russia a year would not make that much of a difference as it also gives Russia another year to prepare and and Russias tank production exceeded all the Axis powers combined also given the inferiority of Japanese tanks the far eastern front would be a disaster. Also it gives Russia more time to realise it is going to be attacked either though spies or aerial recon or the breaking of codes( I think Japaneses codes were broken quite early by the Russians)

I don't think an assasination of Wallis Simpson would have the effect that the UK would suddenly become pro-german, but the poles have no motive for them plus if it backfires it and the trail leads to Germany it would be a disaster. Sure the Daily Mail was pretty pro-facist ( still is)but most of the British still had very anti-german feelings from WW1 and what was then considered the atrocities of bombing civilians with Zeppelins.

There are other events that could have changed the outcome Admiral Canaris the head of german intelligence if he hadn't turned against the Nazis and kept Spain out of the war so Germany couldn't do a land based assault on Gibraltar cutting us off from the Oil of middle east.

Or a pro-Nazi america the Facist movement in America was far stronger in the US than it ever was in the UK.

hmmm hooom

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:52 am 
Commanding General
Commanding General

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The Japanese planned to wait until the Germans took a major Russian city, then they go after the Eastern Soviet territories.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:15 pm 

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Imagining an alternative history. Let us suppose the following.... - At some coordinated time in early 1942 or so, the Axis hit Russia from both ends.
If Germany had only not attacked Russia (at all), IMHO in short time it would own all of Europe and Scandinavia. Northern Africa, too, if it wanted to bother. Attacking Russia was surely Hitler's biggest blunder, and basically responsible for Germany's defeat. It's folly to think that /any/ country could conquer Russia; even Russia can't handle itself. And keeping Russia as an ally would pretty much guarantee control of over half the world.

And Germany could then have the UK as well, if and when it wanted it, or even let it alone (Hitler liked the British, and never thought they would enter the war in Europe). And if Japan had kept its forces local, and not attacked Pearl Harbor, then probably the U.S. would never have entered the war.

Surely Europe, Scandinavia, and northern Africa would have been enough to satisfy Hitler. With those resources, and allies controlling Asia, it certainly would have been /the/ world super-power.

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