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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:25 pm 
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This is the last of the older Atlas 'Mech conversios that I have found. There maybe more if some pop up. I hope you have enjoyed me and my friends early 'Mech conversion.

This was an artillery version of the beloved Atlas.

BattleMech Technical Readout

Type/Model: Atlas AS7-T
Tech: Inner Sphere / 3025
Config: Biped BattleMech
Rules: Level 2, Standard design

Mass: 100 tons
Chassis: Foundation Type 10X Standard
Power Plant: 300 Vlar Fusion
Walking Speed: 32.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor Type: Durallex Heavy Special Standard
4 Defiance B3M Medium Lasers
1 Bithinian Ballistics Thumper Artillery
1 FarFire Maxi-Rack LRM 20
1 TharHes Maxi SRM 6
Manufacturer: Refit
Location: None
Communications System: Army Comm. Class 5
Targeting & Tracking System: Army Corporation Type 29K

The sight of BattleMechs lumbering across the terrain is a familiar one
among the worlds of the Inner Sphere. Nevertheless, the sight of an AS7-D
Atlas still manages to make even experienced MechWarriors break out in a sweat
and brings the bitter taste of bile to their mouths.
The Atlas was designed as a last-ditch attempt to ensure the superiority
of the Star League's Regular Army over the growing armies of the House Lords.
It was an understandable reaction to the Cameron edicts passed from 2751 to
2761 by the High Council, which permitted the five Lords to double the size of
their personal armies. General Kerensky himself set down the specifications
for the Atlas. He said it should be "a 'Mech as powerful as possible, as
impenetrable as possible, and as ugly and foreboding as conceivable, so that
fear itself will be our ally."

Ugly and foreboding are two apt descriptions for the Atlas. Though some
'Mechs might be taller and heavier, none have the Atlas' aura. Considerable
effort went into making the Atlas' weapons as visible as possible, giving an
opposing MechWarrior plenty of opportunity to see that he is outgunned and to
decide he is not being paid enough to die. Designers spent an entire year
fashioning the head and cockpit to create a perfect merging of function and
gruesomeness. The result was a complete success, and so MechWarriors nicknamed
the Atlas "Death's Head".
The Atlas was the first 'Mech to mount such a large and devastating
autocannon. Even though it carries only ten rounds for its Class 20 AC, the
mere threat of such a large autocannon is often enough to send some 'Mechs
scurrying. The weapon's only problem is that it lacks a cooling jacket and can
overheat easily.
The Atlas' long-range missile delivery system is a unique design. Upon
discovering that 20 launching tubes would not fit into the 'Mech's torso, the
designers decided to install five tubes with a feed system that can shoot four
salvos within ten seconds. The feed system is fairly reliable, and Techs need
only worry about shielding the ammo from heat emitted from the nearby reactor.
Reloading is quick, as each missile tube system has its own ammunition clip.
Completely loaded, the missile system can shoot twelve salvos of 20 missiles.
The large aperture between the two missile systems may look like another
weapon, but it is the omnicoupling, where power and coolant cables can be
attached to start up or repair the Atlas.
The 'Mech's armor is thick, and the forward torso and legs are especially
well protected. Someone once calculated that if a battalion of Stinger 'Mechs
engaged an Atlas, the Atlas would retire for repairs an hour later, leaving
only one Stinger still able to move.
The head is roomy enough to support a small disk antenna, giving the
Atlas limited surface-to-space communications. When entering battle, the pilot
can fold up the antenna and stow it in a protected portion of the Atlas'
The three medium lasers and short-range missiles make the 'Mech a good
close-range fighter, while its internal structure gives the arms and hands
enormous power. This has created many horror stories concerning Atlases and
their ability to pick-up medium-sized 'Mechs with one hand and fling them to
the ground as though they were mere toys.
The main drawback of the Atlas is its slow speed. Intelligent opponents
will retreat before the forbidding machine, hoping either to draw it into
tight quarters, such as a city or woods, or sucker it into water or mud. Once
there, the Atlas' lack of mobility is compounded. If a company depends on an
Atlas for fire support, then a wily enemy will hit and run, hoping to draw the
swifter 'Mechs away from the slow Atlas.

==Battle History:==
The Atlas was first used against Stefan the Usurper. In the final battles
to gain control of Earth's major spaceports, the Atlas was instrumental in
securing beachheads to allow troops to land safely.
General Kerensky's second-in-command, General DeChavilier, spearheaded
the final assault on the Usurper's last stronghold, the Imperial City. He
continually exposed his Atlas to enemy fire, yet marched on as if the laser
bolts, missiles, and cannon shells were nothing more than the annoying buzz of
flies. When DeChavilier's Atlas pushed over the concrete outer wall
surrounding the Imperial Palace, Kerensky headed for the Usurper's palace
gates in his Orion.
Considering the Atlas' raw power, it is no wonder that Kerensky wanted
all Atlases to accompany him into his self-imposed exile. Oddly, more than
two-thirds of the pilots who refused to join him were Atlas pilots. Perhaps
they felt that they could better their social standing by remaining in the
Inner Sphere. The remaining Atlases and those still being produced on Hesperus
and Quentin continue to inspire terror wherever they tread.

With the passing years, it has become difficult to replace many Atlas
parts, as most supplies have been destroyed or exhausted. The Atlas can use
slightly different weapon designs, but they invariably decrease the size of
the 'Mech's interior.
As for modifications, few Successor Lords have tried to tamper with
success. Some have replaced the medium lasers on the 'Mech's hands with large
lasers. This variant is only moderately successful, however, as the new lasers
are unreliable when tied into the already-taxed battle computer.

==Notable 'Mechs & MechWarriors:==
MechWarrior Rodney Van Kleven
A member of the elite 6th Syrtis Fusiliers, Rodney Van Kleven is an
aristocrat with the instincts of a democrat. Extremely personable, he is
well-liked by everyone from fellow MechWarriors to the lowliest ship's cook.
On the battlefield, Van Kleven uses his Atlas, which he calls the Boar's
Head, like a 100 ton scout. He stomps all over the field, creating general
terror in the enemy lines and almost always overheating his 'Mech. He has won
several land grants, but quickly loses the titles when his 'Mech overheats and
shuts down on the battlefield.

General of the Army Vasily Cherenkoff
Commander of Lord Kurita's forces, Cherenkoff's Atlas is seldom in the
vicinity of a raging battle. Preferring to park his red Atlas next to a mobile
HQ, he uses it only in an emergency or when inspecting troops. The general is
as abrasive as he is fat. The current joke among his troops is that the Atlas
is the only 'Mech that can carry his weight, and that even its leg actuators
groan under the strain.

Type/Model: Atlas AS7-T
Mass: 100 tons

Equipment: Crits Mass
Int. Struct.: 152 pts Standard 0 10.00
Engine: 300 Fusion 6 19.00
Walking MP: 3
Running MP: 5
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: 20 Single 8 10.00
(Heat Sink Loc: 1 HD, 1 LA, 1 RA, 1 LT, 2 LL, 2 RL)
Gyro: 4 3.00
Cockpit, Life Supt., Sensors: 5 3.00
Actuators: L: Sh+UA+LA+H R: Sh+UA+LA+H 16 .00
Armor Factor: 304 pts Standard 0 19.00

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head: 3 9
Center Torso: 31 47
Center Torso (Rear): 14
L/R Side Torso: 21 32/32
L/R Side Torso (Rear): 10/10
L/R Arm: 17 34/34
L/R Leg: 21 41/41

Weapons and Equipment Loc Heat Ammo Crits Mass
1 Medium Laser RA 3 1 1.00
1 Medium Laser LA 3 1 1.00
1 Thumper Artillery RT 6 20 16 16.00
(Ammo Locations: 1 RT)
1 LRM 20 LT 6 12 7 12.00
(Ammo Locations: 2 LT)
1 SRM 6 LT 4 15 3 4.00
(Ammo Locations: 1 LT)
2 Medium Lasers CT(R) 6 2 2.00
TOTALS: 28 69 100.00
Crits & Tons Left: 9 .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 9,370,000 C-Bills
Battle Value 2: 1,741 (old BV = 1,442)
Cost per BV2: 5,381.96
Weapon Value: 2,680 / 2,680 (Ratio = 1.54 / 1.54)
Damage Factors: SRDmg = 33; MRDmg = 23; LRDmg = 19
BattleForce2: MP: 3, Armor/Structure: 8/8
Damage PB/M/L: 5/4/3, Overheat: 0
Class: MA; Point Value: 17
Specials: artT

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