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 Post subject: Roto-Lifter Mk. VI
PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:13 pm 
Test Pilot
Test Pilot

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          BattleTech Vehicle Technical Readout
                   * CUSTOM WEAPON

Type/Model:    Roto-Lifter Mk. VI
Tech:          Inner Sphere / 3067
Config:        V.T.O.L.
Rules:         Level 3, Standard design

Mass:          29 tons
Power Plant:   125 Nissan Fusion
Cruise Speed:  97.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 151.2 km/h
Armor Type:    Hvy Ferro-Fibrous
  1 Laser AMS*
  1 Small X-Pulse Laser 
Manufacturer:  (Unknown)
  Location:    (Unknown)
Communications System:  (Unknown)
Targeting & Tracking System:  (Unknown)

Type/Model:    Roto-Lifter Mk. VI
Mass:          29 tons
Construction Options:  Fractional Accounting

Equipment:                                 Items    Mass
Int. Struct.:  18 pts Standard               0      2.90
Engine:        125 Fusion                    0      4.00
Shielding & Transmission Equipment:          0      2.00
    Cruise MP:   9
     Flank MP:  14
Heat Sinks:     10 Single                    0       .00
Cockpit & Controls:                          0      1.45
Crew: 2 Members                              0       .00
Rotor Equipment:  Dual Rotors                0      2.90
Turret Equipment:                            0       .25
Armor Factor:   39 pts Hvy Ferro-Fibrous     3      1.97

                          Internal    Armor
                          Structure   Value
   Front:                     3          9 
   Left / Right Sides:        3        8/8 
   Rear:                      3          6 
   Rotor:                     3          2 
   Chin Turret:               3          6 

Weapons and Equipment    Loc  Heat  Ammo   Items    Mass
1 Laser AMS*             ChinTur  3          1      1.50
1 Small X-Pulse Laser    ChinTur  3          1      1.00
Cargo Bay Capacity       Body                1     11.00
TOTALS:                           6          6     28.97
Items & Tons Left:                           4       .03

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        1,391,744 C-Bills
Battle Value 2:    318 (old BV = 180)
Cost per BV:       4,376.55
Weapon Value:      15 / 15 (Ratio = .05 / .05)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 2;  MRDmg = 0;  LRDmg = 0
BattleForce2:      MP: 9V,  Armor/Structure: 0 / 2
                   Damage PB/M/L: 1/-/-,  Overheat: 0
                   Class: VA;  Point Value: 3
                   Specials: tran11
Design Comity is Comity :suave:

"General Purpose Transport Helicopter" is always going to have compromises, and some of them deeply: There's only one armor location that can't eat a large laser and give the crew a second chance, but a turreted L-AMS is a net-gain, right? A small x-pulse isn't much firepower, but it's only for dealing with hot LZs, right? No dumper/ hydrolic ram makes the armor more valuable on a hot LZ, right? :eyes:

But not only will a 10-ton pallet fit internally just fine, the extra internal ton means you can move forty at max overload …

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 Post subject: Re: Roto-Lifter Mk. VI
PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:31 pm 
Supreme Mugwump
Supreme Mugwump

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the fluff should mention the cargo hook this has, as well as the inbuilt ability to lift two empty roto-lifters at once, when they are broken down, or one with normal internal cargo.

typos and spelling-mistakes are property of the finder. english is not my mother-tongue.

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