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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:36 pm 
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          BattleTech Vehicle Technical Readout

Type/Model:    Cossack Armored Car 
Tech:          Inner Sphere / 3025
Config:        Wheeled Vehicle
Rules:         Level 2-FA, Standard design

Mass:          25 tons
Power Plant:   130 GAZ 130 I.C.E.
Cruise Speed:  64.8 km/h
Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h
Armor Type:    Starshield Standard
  1 Intek Medium Laser 
  1 Harvester SRM 2 
  1 Coventry Light Autogun Machine Gun 
Manufacturer:  GAZ
  Location:    Horizon
Communications System:  Basix 200
Targeting & Tracking System:  ComStar Test-2

The Cossack is an armored 6x6 scout vehicle produced on Horizon by GAZ
(Russian: Horizon Automobile Plant).  Although the Cossack is an obscure
footnote compared to famous vehicles such as the Darter, Skulker, and Wheeled
Scout, the Horizon Royal Army has always felt that those vehicles were lacking
in capability.  

In contrast to its competitors the Cossack is slightly heavier but boasts a
more powerful and flexible armament. It is also reasonably fast and reasonably
well armored for its type.  Therefore, although it does not break any new
ground technologically (and is in fact a technological step backward compared
to vehicles produced in previous centuries) it can nevertheless engage
infantry, light armor, and even light mechs with a high degree of confidence.

Unlike its competitors that mount only a single weapon, the Cossack mounts a
variety of firepower.  The primary weapon is a medium laser of the time-proven
Intek variety.  The laser allows the crew to fire at will and take difficult
shots without fear of running out of ammo.  A reliable Harvester SRM-2
provides additional ranged firepower.  Finally, a single minigun allows the
vehicle to successfully engage infantry.  All weapons are mounted in a turret
for full 360 degree freedom of fire.  With a top speed of 94 kph off-road, the
Cossack can easily outmanuever most other battlefield units or disengage when
faced with unfavorable odds.

The GAZ plant on Horizon has been producing 3-4 Cossacks every month for
decades.  All parts are produced locally on Horizon either as indigenous
components or as licensed models.  Despite its advantages very few Inner
Sphere buyers have shown any interest in this vehicle, aside from the
occasional purchase by a mercenary command.  As a result the Cossack is by far
the single most common combat vehicle in the HRA.  It is also the vehicle that the
HRA asks the most of, for in addition to their scouting duties Cossack units
are often called upon to hold the field until heavier units arrive.  

As a result, losses in Cossack companies tend to be very high.  Despite this
the sturdy and reliable Cossack is well-liked by its crews, and any vehicle
that survives for more than a few years is considered to be imbued with luck.

Type/Model:    Cossack Armored Car 
Mass:          25 tons
Construction Options:  Fractional Accounting

Equipment:                                 Items    Mass
Int. Struct.:  15 pts Standard               0      2.50
Engine:        130 I.C.E.                    0      9.00
Power Amplifiers:                            0       .10
    Cruise MP:   6
     Flank MP:   9
Heat Sinks:      3 Single                    0      3.00
Cockpit & Controls:                          0      1.25
Crew: 2 Members                              0       .00
Turret Equipment:                            0       .25
Armor Factor:   72 pts Standard              0      4.50

                          Internal    Armor
                          Structure   Value
   Front:                     3         20 
   Left / Right Sides:        3      14/14 
   Rear:                      3         10 
   Turret:                    3         14 

Weapons and Equipment    Loc  Heat  Ammo   Items    Mass
1 Medium Laser           Turret   3          1      1.00
1 SRM 2                  Turret   0   50     2      2.00
1 Machine Gun            Turret   0  100     2      1.00
TOTALS:                           3          5     24.60
Items & Tons Left:                           5       .40

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        256,969 C-Bills
Battle Value 2:    343 (old BV = 186)
Cost per BV:       749.18
Weapon Value:      84 / 84 (Ratio = .24 / .24)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 7;  MRDmg = 1;  LRDmg = 0
BattleForce2:      MP: 6W,  Armor/Structure: 0 / 3
                   Damage PB/M/L: 1/1/-,  Overheat: 0
                   Class: GL;  Point Value: 3

New Horizons Battletech campaign homepage: http://www.heavymetalpro.com/forums/vie ... 10&t=22137

The Expanse Battletech campaign homepage (currently defunct): http://www.heavymetalpro.com/forums/vie ... hp?t=17910

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