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Just so we have all of the Concordat ships of the Reunification War in one spot, I am reposting this here in the new AeroSpace Submissions forum.
                    AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:  Samantha Calderon [Battleship] 
Tech:              Inner Sphere / 2750
Vessel Type:       WarShip
Rules:             Level 2, Custom design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              1,100,000 tons
K-F Drive System:  (Unknown)
Length:            960 meters
Sail Diameter:     1,241 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       3
Maximum Thrust:    5
Armor Type:        Improved Ferro-aluminum
   16 NL55
   16 Heavy NPPC
   28 NAC/30
    8 Killer Whale
    8 White Shark
    8 Barracuda
On November 6, 2570, the hull for the TCS Samantha Calderon was laid down in a
ceremony full of fanfare at the Chandler Shipwrights Prometheus Shipyard
orbiting New Columbia, deep in the Hyades Cluster.  Protector Caterina
Calderon attended, and in a 43-minute speech broadcast throughout the
Cluster--eventually to every world in the Concordat--marked the event with
words that would ring across the Periphery.

"It is in hope that through peace will events guide us here in the Concordat. 
But hope is--by itself--nothing more than a flimsy shield against the
aggression of others; who blinded by ambition, seek dominion over all free men
and women.  I tell you, fellow citizens, that the Samantha Calderon and her
sister ships, and others like them that even now lie upon the drawing boards
of great companies such as this one, across the width and breadth of the
Concordat, will serve as that shield--that adamant shield--so that our hope
may flourish in peace and prosperity.  And should our efforts at peace be for
naught, we take as our motto the ancient words ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me

However, this effort--the first (public) attempt by any periphery power to
build a true battleship of the type used by the Hegemony--was plagued by
problems throughout the construction of the Calderon class.  None of the
Concordat’s shipbuilders had any experience with such a large vessel, and none
had ever attempted to even design a compact Kearny-Fuchida Drive Core massing
nearly 500,000 tons; 37.5% larger than any ever before constructed in the
Concordat.  Problems with construction techniques and four separate drive
redesigns during construction delayed the ship’s launch time and again. 
Finally, on March 7, 2578--two years after her originally scheduled completion
date--, the Samantha Calderon was launched and commissioned into service. 
Additional ships were commissioned at the rate of one every two years (instead
of one each year as originally planned) as supplies, equipment, personnel, and
money were continually siphoned off by the war effort against the Star

As the war progressed, the Saucy Sam--the nickname bestowed on the ship by her
crew--became regarded as a good luck charm.  Participating in 10 major naval
engagements, plus the grinding five year campaign of attrition in Flannagan’s
Nebula from 2591-2596, the Samantha Calderon was often damaged--severely
enough seven times to be sent to dry dock--but never lost.  In every battle,
she destroyed at least four times her own tonnage before being forced to
retire from the field.  Despite the terrible damage the Saucy Sam took, her
crew had the lowest casualty rate of any damaged ship in the Taurian Fleet. 
Despite this luck, the Samantha Calderon was in dry-dock once more--for the
eighth and final time--on September 22, 2596.  The Station commander, Admiral
Erik Crane, directed that the Saucy Sam, as well as all other damaged and
incomplete ships be scuttled with nuclear demolitions charges, rather than
surrendered intact to the SLDF forces soon to arrive on occupation duty.

Designed according to the Taurian Navy’s philosophy of WarShip design, the
Samantha Calderon class ships were formidable opponents for their era. 
Capable of 2.5 g’s of acceleration and mounting ninteen hundred and
seventy-eight tons of Improved Ferro-Aluminum armor, these ships were faster
than older Hegemony and Inner Sphere designs as well as better protected from
hostile fire.  Only with the newest Atreus and Farragut class battleships of
the Free Worlds League and Terran Hegemony did the Inner Sphere naval forces
achieve individual ship parity.

With just four DropShip collars, the Calderon class appeared weak in transport
capacity, but Taurian WarShips were not designed as transports.  These ships
were fighting vessels only.  In the TCN design philosophy a transport should
be a transport; a WarShip should be a WarShip.  In normal operations, the
Calderon class vessels would be equipped with four Harbinger class escort
DropShips to provide close-escort during combat operations.

[Editor’s note:  no Harbinger class vessel survived the Reunification War. 
Star League records suggest a heavily armed and armored craft massing around
5,000-6,000 tons, with one or two capital missile launchers and a massive
battery of conventional armament as well as advanced Ferro-Aluminum armor.  No
surviving records have surfaced in the contemporary Concordat records of this
design; possibly due to Star League destruction after the war to prevent this
ship design from ever resurfacing.  Some historians in our order feel the
Harbinger class was designed to accompany the Calderon’s as a deliberate
countermeasure to Hegemony--and later Star League--Congress/Pentagon groups,
though this is still speculative.]

Thirty-two aerospace fighters--a reinforced air corps of four air
divisions--were embarked in two seperate launch bays to port and starboard,
along with eight small craft.  The aerospace fighters and small craft could
use the same launch/recovery bay doors, and the Saucy Sam could launch or
recover up to twelve simultaneously from both hanger decks.  Two hundred elite
Taurian marines trained in zero-G operations were part of the ship's
complement as well.  These Marines provided ship-board security and conducted
boarding operations.

Over four thousand tons were devoted to a Flag Bridge, with fifteen officers
and twenty-five crew assigned to operations.  If a Flag officer was not
embarked, then these quarters became additional personnel space for

Anti-fighter armament was provided by twenty-four Norman/Raytheon capital
missile launchers (eight each of Killer Whale, White Shark ,and Barracuda)
spaced evenly across the outer hull, providing over-lapping coverage of all
approaches.  Each missile launcher was provided with an individual armored
magazine containing thirty missiles.  In addition to these twenty-four missile
magazines, there were another eight radiation-shielded magazines for the
Killer Whale launchers, each containing five nuclear-tipped missiles.

The main firepower of the Calderon class consisted of twenty-eight Jankowski
Mark IV Class 30 Naval Autocannons, sixteen High Energy Systems Nova Heavy
Naval PPCs, and fourteen Martin-Gordan Sunburn Class 55 Naval Lasers.  These
weapons were evenly spaced across the ship--forcing the enemy to endure a
withering hail of fire regardless of their route of approach.  Only the fore
and aft arcs of fire had reduced amounts of firepower, with each containing
only two, not four of the Jankowski naval guns.  Each autocannon was provided
with a magazine containing fifty bursts of ammunition at standard fire rates.

In a move that--rather surprisingly--the Hegemony did not often make, the
designers of the Samantha Calderon provided sufficient heat sinks to fire
every single weapon built into the hull simultaneously.  This greatly
increased the effectiveness of Calderon class ships as they could--and
did--engage ships surrounding them without having to leave one or more enemy
free to make their own attacks unhindered.

Although not designed as transports, the Calderon class provided four
115-meter grav decks for her crew and could embark up to eighty-seven
passengers in reasonable comfort.  Supplies--including water, food, fuel, and
spare parts--were allocated in sufficient quantities to allow deployments of
up to one year in length.  The main cargo holds were small in comparison to
Hegemony designs of the same time period, but were deemed sufficient for their
designed mission and areas of operation.

In closing, the Calderon class vessels were excellent ships for their time. 
However, their late introduction during the Reunification War and the lack of
sufficient numbers throughout the war could not in and of itself alter the
fate of the Taurian Concordat.  Had full-scale production of this class begun
even twenty years earlier--and two or three dozen such ships been available at
the beginning of the conflict--history could well have been re-written.

[Editor’s note:  The writer of the above passage was a former citizen of the
Concordat before his induction into ComStar.  He has been recommended for a
re-education session with ROM to remove any partisan leanings that he may
still possess.  Blessed be Blake!]

==Battle History:==
[Editor’s note:  the passage below has never been confirmed, although
surviving Star League records do confirm that 68 SLDF ships were dispatched to
the Taurian Concordat in 2648 and did remain there for 57 months.  Our own
records--blessed be Blake that he instructed us to retain all
knowledge--suggest that the legend described below is, in point of fact, a
hoax.  However, should it ever prove to be true, then ComStar must consider
either removing these ships to a safer location or destroying them; in order
to protect the Taurian people from the conflicts that would arise should the
Great Houses learn of these 'ghost ships'.]

The story of the Samantha Calderon does not end on September 22, 2596,
however.  The history books show that on July 23, 2648, a very sick, very old
man named Pieter Durant was admitted to the Taurus Veterans Hospital.  His
physician of record was Doctor Abigail Larson, an SLDF doctor on liaison duty
in the Concordat.  Mr. Durant was diagnosed with terminal cancer and admitted
later that afternoon.  While making her rounds, Dr. Larson spoke at length
with Mr. Durant.  While no recording of that conversation has ever been
located--even though Star League records and transcripts of interviews show
that she did record the conversation--it is believed that Mr. Durant revealed
to her that he had once served aboard the Samantha Calderon herself--and that
she and twenty other WarShips of the Taurian Navy still existed.  Whether he
intended to tweak an SLDF physician with a wild tale, or whether it was in
fact the truth, former Master Chief Petty Officer Durant told Dr. Larson that
on September 22, 2596, he was aboard the ship at Prometheus Station, orbiting
New Columbia.

According to the history books, when word of the surrender arrived, Admiral
Erik Crane, the station commander, decided to scuttle the damaged and
incomplete ships rather than hand them over to the SLDF as prizes of war. 
Master Chief Durant then told Dr. Larson that this had been a lie, a cover-up.
 Instead of destroying the ships, Admiral Crane ordered any vessel capable of
making a jump to undock and stand five thousand kilometers off of the station.
 According to Durant, in addition the Samantha Calderon, these other ships
included the Tracy Ashton Pendleton, the Heather Scott, and the Ian
MacLeod--all Calderon class battleships, either damaged or in their last
months of construction.  Seventeen other ships--two cruisers, five frigates,
five destroyers, three corvettes, and two support ships--were also capable of
leaving dock that day.

Admiral Crane then ordered the crew of the Saucy Sam to nuke the station and
all the remaining ships docked there.  After that he jumped his small fleet to
a hidden jump point deep in Flannagan’s Nebula, known only to senior officers
of the TCN.  Accompanying this force was a small civilian JumpShip and two
transport DropShips.  At this hidden location, the crews shut down all systems
aboard the WarShips and secured the vessels.  According to Durant this took
six days, during which the JumpShip ship recharged her drive.  Once the
recharge was complete, all of the WarShips were opened to the vacuum of space.
 Now just inert metal in a stable orbit, these ships could remain hidden for
hundreds of years--and still be restored to working condition.

The JumpShip returned to New Columbia where SLDF forces had not yet arrived to
occupy the planet.  The crew was sworn to secrecy--and none save Crane and the
JumpShip crew knew of the coordinates of the hidden depot.  Durant then told
Dr. Larson that Crane left a gift aboard the JumpShip--to insure that the
secret would never be revealed.  One of the Saucy Sam’s few remaining nuclear
warheads, with a detonator tied to the KF control computer.  When the JumpShip
attempted to jump outsystem the following week, the warhead exploded, killing
all aboard.

Dr. Larson stayed with Master Chief Durant throughout the night; he died at
0317 on July 24, 2648.  Dr. Larson claims to have reported the entire incident
to her SLDF superiors at the embassy on Taurus; as well as having turned over
the recording of the conversation.  That recording has never surfaced in any
known record.  What is known is that the embassy sent a message to Terra the
following day, and that within a month 68 SLDF WarShips and survey vessels
arrived--against the protest of the Taurian government--under the command of
Admiral Helen Kincaid, along with 900 investigators from various Star League
bureaus.  For the next 57 months these ships searched the Nebula for these
twenty-one missing WarShips from half a century earlier.  Meanwhile the
investigators pursued the rumor on Taurus, Samantha, Jamestown, and New
Columbia.  Crew members from the ships listed in Durant’s account were
searched for, any survivors rounded up and questioned.  There were only four,
and three were senile.  The fourth refused to speak to SLDF interrogators and
his attorney secured his release before chemical interrogation could be
undertaken.  This man died while the matter was being handled in the courts,
having never given a statement to an SL investigator.

The investigators attempted to search the Taurian Naval Archives on Taurus. 
The custodial staff at the former headquarters facility of the Taurian Navy
informed the investigators that with the disbanding of the navy fifty-two
years previously, all records had been shredded and disposed of.

[Editor’s Note:  This was a lie.  The records had been removed and hidden,
though certainly some of the more sensitive were destroyed.  After the Amaris
coup, the hidden repository was returned to the Naval Archives and restored as
best the Taurian government could.  ComStar agents still have not obtained a
complete copy of all documents stored there.]

Admiral Crane was never found, though he was confirmed as the commander of
Prometheus Station through newspaper microrecords.  No date of his death,
obituary, or grave marker was ever located.

Three years after the investigation began; a frustrated Star League bureaucrat
inadvertently leaked the nature of the investigation to a Taurian
investigative reporter with whom he was having an affair.  His statement about
the hunt for a fleet of 'ghost ships' apparently crewed by 'the spirits of men
that we can’t confirm ever lived' made the papers across Taurus by the next
morning, the cluster by the end of the week, the rest of the Concord by the
next month, and Terra three months afterwards.  The Taurians were ecstatic,
believing that one of their naval officers had out-smarted and hoodwinked the
Leaguers,who were now wearing themselves and their ships to the breaking point
trying to search the Nebula--and saved not just some of their fleet, but the
gallant old Saucy Sam herself.

Finally, after fifty-four months of searching, Admiral Kincaid sent a dispatch
to Terra, reading, in part, ". . . .and so in conclusion, my Lord, there has
been no evidence whatsoever to attribute to the veracity of this man Durant. 
We cannot even confirm if he was a serving member of the Taurian Navy at the
time of the Surrender.  Task Force 47 and Task Force 73 have searched the
Nebula for the better part of four and a half years; we could search for
another century and still find nothing.  The Nebula is immense, even with the
sixty-eight ships you’ve assigned this mission, and having worked at this task
for the past fifty-four months, we have only surveyed 4.2% of the entire
Nebula’s volume.  In my official recommendation, my Lord, the whole thing is a
hoax--a deliberate hoax designed to wear our ships and crews to the bone
searching for something that does not exist."

Three months later, all of Kincaid’s ships and the investigators were
recalled.  The search was over.  Ever since, stories and rumors have passed
around the Concordat about the fleet of ghost ships floating in the Nebula. 
These stories have all eventually been proven false--so far at least.

There were no variants of the Samantha Calderon class ships ever produced in
the short period of time that they served the Taurian Concordat.

==Notable Vessels & Crews:==
Below are listed all known ships of the Samantha Calderon class and their
historical fates.

TCS Samantha Calderon (SBB-01)
Commissioned:  March 7, 2578
Notable Engagements:  Flintoft (April 13-17, 2581), Robsart (May 28-30, 2581),
1st Diefenbaker (September 3-4, 2581), Horsham (July 2-4, 2582), Pierce
(February 20-30, 2583), Warren (August 10-21, 2584), Caldwell (November 16-17,
2584), 2nd Diefenbaker (February 17-23, 2585), 3rd Diefenbaker (May 5-8,
2585), Montour (September 8, 2587), Flannagan’s Nebula (March 4,
2591-September 22, 2596)
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Victor Taurens (SBB-02)
Commissioned:  April 3, 2580
Notable Engagements:  Flintoft (April 13-17, 2581), Robsart (May 28-29, 2581)
Disposition:  lost in action, Robsart, May 29, 2581

TCS Patrick Flannagan (SBB-03)
Commissioned:  January 3, 2582
Notable Engagements:  Horsham (July 2-4, 2582), Pierce (February 20-30, 2583),
Warren (August 10-19, 2584)
Disposition:  lost in action, Warren, August 19, 2584

TCS Tracy Ashton Pendleton (SBB-04)
Commissioned:  November 18, 2583
Notable Engagements:  Warren (August 10-21, 2584), Caldwell (November 16-17,
2584), 2nd Diefenbaker (February 17-23, 2585), 3rd Diefenbaker (May 5-8,
2585), Montour (September 8, 2587), Flannagan’s Nebula (March 4,
2591-September 22, 2596)
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Sigur Fonn (SBB-05)
Commissioned:  December 23, 2585
Notable Engagements:  Montour (September 8, 2587)
Disposition:  lost in action, Montour, September 8, 2587

TCS Robert St. John (SBB-06)
Commissioned:  June 2, 2587
Notable Engagements:  Montour (September 8, 2587)
Disposition:  lost in action, Montour, September 8, 2587

TCS Thomas Kincaid (SBB-07)
Commissioned:  May 22, 2590
Notable Engagements:  Flannagan’s Nebula (March 4, 2591-July 22, 2594)
Disposition:  lost in action, Flannagan’s Nebula, July 22, 2594

TCS Olivia Santiago (SBB-08)
Commissioned:  April 1, 2592
Notable Engagements:  Flannagan’s Nebula (May 4, 2592)
Disposition:  lost in action, Flannagan’s Nebula, May 4, 2592

TCS Heather Scott (SBB-09)
Commissioned:  March 17, 2594
Notable Engagements:  Flannagan’s Nebula (April 14, 2594- September 22, 2596)
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Leslie Ann Styles (SBB-10)
Commissioned:  February 20, 2596
Notable Engagements:  Flannagan’s Nebula (April 14, 2596-August 17, 2596)
Disposition:  lost in action, Flannagan’s Nebula, August 17, 2596

TCS Ian MacLeod (SBB-11)
Commissioned:  incomplete on date of surrender
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Frank Norman (SBB-12)
Commissioned:  incomplete on date of surrender
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Henri Montour (SBB-13)
Commissioned:  incomplete on date of surrender
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Geraldine Richter (SBB-14)
Commissioned:  incomplete on date of surrender
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Althea O’Conner (SBB-15)
Commissioned:  incomplete on date of surrender
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

TCS Erik Braddock (SBB-16)
Commissioned:  incomplete on date of surrender
Disposition:  scuttled, September 22, 2596, Prometheus Station, New Columbia

The Taurian Concordat Navy designed the Calderon class battleships to be
deployed in specifically designed Task Groups, using the most advanced ships
in their fleet.  Each Battle Group of the Taurian Navy was to consist of two
Calderon class Battleships, escorted by two Hector class Frigates and four
Thunderer class Destroyers.  Twelve Harbinger class escort DropShips would
provide additional close-in protection of capital vessels, while the ninty-six
aerospace fighters would form both a Combat Air Patrol as well as an
extreme-range anti-shipping strike force.

In addition to the WarShips of the Battle Group itself, four Boxer class
Corvettes would escort two St. Helens class Fleet Replenishment vessels
(carrying additional supplies, fuel, and munitions) in the attached support
flotillia.  This support flotillia was not intended to participate in combat
operations, but was instead intended as a means to allow the Battle Group to
continue a high tempo of operations while in the field.

In reality, however, due to the pressing needs of the war, these Battle Groups
never materialized.  Only the Samantha Calderon actually ever had the proper
configuration of ships assigned to her Task Group.  Other ships of the class
were assigned what was available at the time they deployed, and as ships were
destroyed over the course of the war, even the Samantha Calderon could not
replace her escorts quickly enough.

The TCN responded to this by unorthodox methods--at least by prewar standards.
 At least once during the Reunification War, at the Battle of Montour, on
September 8, 2587, four Calderon class battleships were deployed with only two
ancient Resolution class Destroyers, twelve Harbinger class Escort DropShips,
and four Mirage class Escort DropShips (older, weaker, smaller versions of the
Harbinger without capital missiles) as escorts.  The Samantha Calderon, Tracy
Ashton Pendleton, Sigur Fonn, and Robert St. John, escorted by the destroyers
Reprisal and Revenge and their attached DropShips, attacked the SLDF and
Davion fleet escorting General Forlough’s III Corps and the Davion Auxiliary
Corps at Montour.

This action followed the destruction of the Taurian Guard Corps at 3rd
Diefenbaker less than two months previously.  During that engagement, the TCN
took heavy losses attempting to support the ground troops, and both the
Samantha Calderon and Tracy Ashton Pendleton were heavily damaged in the
fighting.  Both ships had been so damaged in fact that the Star League Navy
had reported them as kills.

Thus, when they ambushed Forlough at Montour, their presence came as a major
surprise.  Unfortunately for the Taurian Navy, they were outnumbered
six-to-one at Montour, and the enemy fleet had two Farragut class battleships.
 While the Taurian force inflicted heavy damage on the Davion Auxiliary Corps
(destroying roughly one-quarter of their transports) and destroyed seventeen
Star League and Davion WarShips--including the Oliver Hazard Perry, a Farragut
class battleship--, both the Sigur Fonn and Robert St. John were lost, as were
the Reprisal and Revenge.  With damage still unrepaired from 3rd Diefenbaker,
the remaining TCN ships were forced to withdraw.  The five surviving Harbinger
class DropShips launched deliberate ramming attacks on the enemy, detonating
their last nuclear warheads on impact to cover the battlewagons retreat. 
Montour fell shortly thereafter.

Class/Model/Name:  Samantha Calderon [Battleship] 
Mass:              1,100,000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass  
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                      198,000.00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 3
      Maximum Thrust: 5
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive:  Compact (Integrity = 22)               497,750.00
Jump Sail: (Integrity = 5)                                              85.00
Structural Integrity: 90                                            99,000.00
Total Heat Sinks:    8,120 Single                                    7,446.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                  14,688.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:              2,750.00
Fire Control Computers:                                                   .00
Food & Water:  (360 days supply)                                     1,404.00
Armor Type:  Improved Ferro-aluminum  (1,241 total armor pts)        1,978.00
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                207
   Fore-Left/Right:                  207/207
   Aft-Left/Right:                   207/207
   Aft:                                 206

   Bay 1:  Fighters (16) with 2 doors                                2,400.00
           Small Craft (4) with 1 door                                 800.00
   Bay 2:  Fighters (16) with 2 doors                                2,400.00
           Small Craft (4) with 1 door                                 800.00
   Bay 3:  Cargo (1) with 2 doors                                   29,930.00

DropShip Capacity:  4 Docking Hardpoints                             4,000.00
Grav Decks #1 - 4:  (125-meter diameter)                               400.00
Escape Pods:  130 (7 tons each)                                        910.00

Crew and Passengers:
     60 Officers (60 minimum)                                          600.00
    205 Crew (205 minimum)                                           1,435.00
     84 Gunners (84 minimum)                                           588.00
     37 1st Class Passengers                                           370.00
     90 2nd Class Passengers                                           630.00
    200 Marines                                                      1,000.00
    104 Bay Personnel                                                     .00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
2 NL55                     Nose        11     11     11     11  170  2,200.00
2 Heavy NPPC               Nose        30     30     30     30  450  6,000.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       Nose        60     60     60     --  200  7,080.00
1 Killer Whale(35 msls)    Nose         4      4      4      4   20  1,900.00
1 White Shark(30 msls)     Nose         3      3      3      3   15  1,320.00
1 Barracuda(30 msls)       Nose         2      2      2      2   10    990.00
2 NL55                     FL/R        11     11     11     11  340  4,400.00
2 Heavy NPPC               FL/R        30     30     30     30  900 12,000.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       FL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,160.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       FL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,160.00
1 Killer Whale(35 msls)    FL/R         4      4      4      4   40  3,800.00
1 White Shark(30 msls)     FL/R         3      3      3      3   30  2,640.00
1 Barracuda(30 msls)       FL/R         2      2      2      2   20  1,980.00
2 NL55                     L/RBS       11     11     11     11  340  4,400.00
2 Heavy NPPC               L/RBS       30     30     30     30  900 12,000.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       L/RBS       60     60     60     --  400 14,160.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       L/RBS       60     60     60     --  400 14,160.00
1 Killer Whale(35 msls)    L/RBS        4      4      4      4   40  3,800.00
1 White Shark(30 msls)     L/RBS        3      3      3      3   30  2,640.00
1 Barracuda(30 msls)       L/RBS        2      2      2      2   20  1,980.00
2 NL55                     AL/R        11     11     11     11  340  4,400.00
2 Heavy NPPC               AL/R        30     30     30     30  900 12,000.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       AL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,160.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       AL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,160.00
1 Killer Whale(35 msls)    AL/R         4      4      4      4   40  3,800.00
1 White Shark(30 msls)     AL/R         3      3      3      3   30  2,640.00
1 Barracuda(30 msls)       AL/R         2      2      2      2   20  1,980.00
2 NL55                     Aft         11     11     11     11  170  2,200.00
2 Heavy NPPC               Aft         30     30     30     30  450  6,000.00
2 NAC/30(100 rounds)       Aft         60     60     60     --  200  7,080.00
1 Killer Whale(35 msls)    Aft          4      4      4      4   20  1,900.00
1 White Shark(30 msls)     Aft          3      3      3      3   15  1,320.00
1 Barracuda(30 msls)       Aft          2      2      2      2   10    990.00
1 Lot Spare Parts (2.50%)                                           27,500.00
1 Bay Personnel Quarters                                               728.00
1 Flag Bridge                                                        4,008.00
TOTALS:                                            Heat: 8,120   1,100,000.00
Tons Left:                                                                .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        6,561,423,200 C-Bills
Battle Value:      270,155
Cost per BV:       24,287.62
Weapon Value:      110,871 (Ratio = .41)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 11,380;  MRV = 11,380;  LRV = 8,987;  ERV = 3,533
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 774,732
                   (115,677 Structure, 286,775 Life Support, 372,280 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 403,232  (52% of MPV)
BattleForce2:      Not applicable

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