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 Post subject: Kawanakajima (revised)
PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:05 pm 

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After thinking about things, and comparing her to the Theodore, I did a couple of changes, including to her secondary armament (note that she now uses the same types as the Teddy), and elsewhere..I don't think she's as lightly armed for a ship of her size any more. *evil grin*
                     AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:  Kawanakajima(Battle Cruiser) 
Tech:              Inner Sphere / 3072
Vessel Type:       WarShip
Rules:             Level 2, Standard design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              930,000 tons
K-F Drive System:  (Unknown)
Length:            980 meters
Sail Diameter:     1,500 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       4
Maximum Thrust:    6
Armor Type:        Lamellor Ferro-carbide
   12 Heavy NPPC
   16 NL45
   24 ER PPC
   16 LB 20-X AC
   16 Streak SRM 6
   32 AMS
   22 NAC/30
 In 3065 the DCA (Draconis Combine Admiralty) ordered a study made of the
performance of their warships, as well as those of the neighbouring states, in
the preceding years.

While the warships had overall been successful, several designs had proven to
be flawed in practice, even though they had seemed to be perfectly good on

A single overriding flaw with all of the current designs was identified, which
was that they were short on armor, although this was not a flaw unique to the
DCA's designs, the heavy losses of warships in the Fed Com Civil War,
including the loss of the FCS Covenant, itself a visually modified Kirishima,
rammed home the point that warships of all classes would need even more heavy
armor to survive on the modern space battlefield.

The committee's eventual decision, which was to reccomend ordering a whole new
series of warship classes into design, and eventual production, was highly
controversial, but being backed by nearly ten years of warship production and
design expirience, there was little doubt that the new vessels would be a
considerably better use of resources than the older designs.

Strictly speaking the correct term for this potent class is the Battle class,
but it is more often referred to as the “Kawanakajima” clas, after it's first
of class vessel.

Historical footnote:
The two sixteenth century Japanese warlords Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen
fought five battles at Kawanakajima, although all but the fourth were little
more than inconclusive skirmishes. It is this battle that the first of class
is named after.

Fought in september, 1561, 4th Kawanakajima was a brutal engagement, of a
scale rarely seen during the warring states period, as between them the two
warlords brought over forty thousand soldiers to the battlefield.

It is a testament to the brutality of the figthing, that Takeda, even though
he was the victor, suffered over sixty percent casualities, and made no effort
to pursue Kenshin, who, after suffering over seventy percent losses, was
himself arguably in no condition to put up a further fight.

Three years later the two warlords would meet for the fifth, and final, time
in battle at the same location, although it lasted far longer, according to
some historians as long as sixty days, no major engagements actually took
place, and both sides eventually withdrew.

While both of these warlords are renowned in history, particuarly because of
Takeda's crushing victory over Tokugawa Ieasu, and Kenshin's only slightly
less devastating victory over Oda Nobunaga, both of them were eventually
reduced to little more than foot notes, seeing as both of those they defeated
went on to far greater things. In Nobunaga's case to unify almost the entire
land, but to only fall short at the final hurdle, but Ieasu lived long enough
to found the Tokugawa shogunate which controlled Japan uncontested for over
two centuries.

While the new battlecruisers are outwardly almost identical to the older
Kirishima class, a closer examination of the ship's capabilities reveals a
very different beast indeed. This is not a sign of a hurried design, instead
this was a deliberate subterfuge to throw off those that would think they knew
what the ship would be capable of.

First of all she has gained around a hundred and fifty thousand tons of mass,
a considerable amount of which went straight into her armor protection, at the
expense of some of the Kirishima's fast acceleration, but this was felt to be
a worthwhile exhange, as the Kirishima's extra speed had proved to be of
little actual gain in combat, and even with the smaller maneuver drive the new
class could still manage a very respectable maximum acceleration. Also the
armor is now lamellor ferro-carbide, instead of the more usual ferro-carbide,
giving even more protection per ton as compared with it's predecessor.

The original armament loadout was centered around naval gauss rifles, but
reports from the attack on Tharkad, in particular the performance of the Wolf
Clan in Exile flagship, the Werewolf, caused a change in these, so her
armament was completely redesigned, to be based around a complement of naval
ppc's, lasers, and autocannon.

In a bit of a unusual move in the modern day the weapons are all of one
caliber. The only heavy weapons used being heavy nppc's, nl 45's, and nac
30's, which did do a great job of simplifying the ammunition loadout,
especially in comparison with earlier vessels who had used multiple autocannon

Nor was the anti fighter armament ignored, as the ship mounts a battery of
more conventionally sized lasers, missiles and autocannon in that role as
well, but it would still have to rely heavily on it's own fighter compliment,
and, or, it's drop ships, for its defense against this type of attack.

Rounding out the ship's armament are six squadrons of fighters, making for 36
in total, eight small craft, and four docking collars. The DCA intends for
each of these ships to have at least one assault drop ship permamently
assigned to them, while the other three would vary depending on the needs of
each mission.

==Notable Vessels & Crews:==
DCS Sekigahara
Named to commemmorate Tokugawa Ieasu's victory over the Toyotomi loyalists,
the Sekigahara completed in march 3072, three months behind schedule, and two
months after the Kawanakajima began her trials.

In august of the same year, during her shakedown cruise, the Sekigahara faced
a group of raiders near to the periphery border in actual combat. Wolfnet has
confirmed that somehow this group had gotten it's hands on a Star League era
Riga class frigate, but battleroms show that she was far from fully
operational, and in fact missing most of her heavy guns, while having had
'mech sized weapons stuck on her hap hazardly, clearly to try to make up for
this fact. 

While the fight did last for longer than it should have, mostly due to the
inexpirience of the Sekigahara's crew in actual naval combat, the outcome was
never really in doubt.

Neither ISF, ROM, nor Wolfnet have been able to, at this time, to discern the
identity of these raiders, as they fought till crippled, and then overloaded
their fusion reactors, completely destroying their vessel and her attendant
Union class dropship, but their ownership of a actual warship, albeit a one
far past her prime, is very disconcerting.

Ships in service: (dates represent year of commissioning)
DCS Kawanakajima (3072)
DCS Sekigahara (3072)
DCS Wolcott (3073)
DCS Radstadt (3074)
DCS Huntress (3075)
DCS Strana Mechty (undergoing acceptance trials, due to commission in late

Naming convention: Ships in this class are always named after battles. While
all of the ones built till now have been named after battles in either
Japanese history, or after battles the DCMS participated in, this may change

Acceptance trials are expected to start in late 3071, at the earliest, and this
timetable assumes no serious technical difficulties. Both  yards are under
explicit orders not rush the process, as the lessons learned because of the
technical problems with other warship classes, in particular the Yamato, Kaga,
and Tatsumaki classes, are all too fresh in the DCA's mind.

Both Comstar and the Rashalhague Free Republic have shown considerable
interest in the design, but it is unknown at this time if the DCA will allow
Comstar to build vessel(s) of this class at the Titan shipyards.

Wolfnet also suspects that such a deal would entail something given in return,
but what this would be is only conjecture at this time,  due to the twin facts
that no ship of this class has been completed yet, and also that no such go
ahead has been given.

Update, 3075: the Kawanakajima was one of several warships present at Abyss in
august of 3075 when a multi national task force (including, but not limited
to, elements from the DCMS, the LAAF, the Rashalhagueans, Clan Ghost Bear, and
Clan Star Adder) went to fight against self proclaimed Khan Dirk Radick,
previosly star colonel Radick, commander of the Wolves 7th battle cluster “The
Blood Drinkers”.

After considerable discussion between the members of the task force, the
decision was made to allow the Ghost Bears the honour of defeating the
renegade Wolves, which, while the battle took two months, they did without
undue difficulties

Class/Model/Name:  Kawanakajima(Battle Cruiser) 
Mass:              930,000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass  
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                      223,200.00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 4
      Maximum Thrust: 6
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive:  Compact (Integrity = 19)               420,825.00
Lithium Fusion Battery                                               9,300.00
Jump Sail (Detachable): (Integrity = 5)                                 76.00
Structural Integrity: 100                                           93,000.00
Total Heat Sinks:    3,286 Double                                    2,573.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                  10,200.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:              2,325.00
Fire Control Computers:                                              2,356.00
Food & Water:  (205 days supply)                                       502.00
Armor Type:  Lamellor Ferro-carbide  (1,920 total armor pts)         1,860.00
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                352
   Fore-Left/Right:                  320/320
   Aft-Left/Right:                   320/320
   Aft:                                 288

   Bay 1:  Fighters (36) with 8 doors                                5,400.00
           Small Craft (8)                                           1,600.00
   Bay 2:  Cargo (1)                                                20,730.00

DropShip Capacity:  4 Docking Hardpoints                             4,000.00
Grav Deck #1:  (120-meter diameter)                                    100.00
Grav Deck #2:  (120-meter diameter)                                    100.00
Life Boats:  43 (7 tons each)                                          301.00
Escape Pods:  43 (7 tons each)                                         301.00

Crew and Passengers:
     60 Officers (53 minimum)                                          600.00
    200 Crew (171 minimum)                                           1,400.00
     67 Gunners (65 minimum)                                           469.00
     50 Marine Battle Armor Troopers/Elementals                        350.00
    112 Bay Personnel                                                     .00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
4 Heavy NPPC               Nose        60     60     60     60  900 12,000.00
5 NL45                     Nose        23     23     23     23  350  4,500.00
3 ER PPC                   Nose     3(30)  3(30)  3(30)     --   45     21.00
2 LB 20-X AC(40 rounds)    Nose     2(24)  2(24)     --     --   12     36.00
2 Streak SRM 6(45 rounds)  Nose     2(24)     --     --     --    8     12.00
4 AMS(168 rounds)          Nose        --     --     --     --    4     16.00
2 NAC/30(40 rounds)        Nose        60     60     60     --  200  7,032.00
2 NAC/30(40 rounds)        FL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,064.00
2 NAC/30(40 rounds)        FL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,064.00
3 ER PPC                   FL/R     3(30)  3(30)  3(30)     --   90     42.00
2 LB 20-X AC(40 rounds)    FL/R     2(24)  2(24)     --     --   24     72.00
2 Streak SRM 6(45 rounds)  FL/R     2(24)     --     --     --   16     24.00
4 AMS(168 rounds)          FL/R        --     --     --     --    8     32.00
2 NAC/30(40 rounds)        FL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,064.00
3 Heavy NPPC               L/RBS       45     45     45     45 1350 18,000.00
3 NL45                     L/RBS       14     14     14     14  420  5,400.00
3 ER PPC                   L/RBS    3(30)  3(30)  3(30)     --   90     42.00
2 LB 20-X AC(40 rounds)    L/RBS    2(24)  2(24)     --     --   24     72.00
2 Streak SRM 6(45 rounds)  L/RBS    2(24)     --     --     --   16     24.00
4 AMS(168 rounds)          L/RBS       --     --     --     --    8     32.00
2 NAC/30(40 rounds)        AL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,064.00
2 NAC/30(40 rounds)        AL/R        60     60     60     --  400 14,064.00
3 ER PPC                   AL/R     3(30)  3(30)  3(30)     --   90     42.00
2 LB 20-X AC(40 rounds)    AL/R     2(24)  2(24)     --     --   24     72.00
2 Streak SRM 6(45 rounds)  AL/R     2(24)     --     --     --   16     24.00
4 AMS(168 rounds)          AL/R        --     --     --     --    8     32.00
2 Heavy NPPC               Aft         30     30     30     30  450  6,000.00
5 NL45                     Aft         23     23     23     23  350  4,500.00
3 ER PPC                   Aft      3(30)  3(30)  3(30)     --   45     21.00
2 LB 20-X AC(40 rounds)    Aft      2(24)  2(24)     --     --   12     36.00
2 Streak SRM 6(45 rounds)  Aft      2(24)     --     --     --    8     12.00
4 AMS(168 rounds)          Aft         --     --     --     --    4     16.00
TOTALS:                                            Heat: 6,572     930,000.00
Tons Left:                                                                .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        15,638,110,000 C-Bills
Battle Value:      252,168
Cost per BV:       62,014.65
Weapon Value:      130,734 (Ratio = .52)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 9,020;  MRV = 8,672;  LRV = 6,653;  ERV = 2,563
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 644,404
                   (107,552 Structure, 289,732 Life Support, 247,120 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 729,675  (113% of MPV)
BattleForce2:      Not applicable

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Not bad, Lafeel. I like her. However, recently I have had a conversion on the point of conventional-scale weapons. Even with a +5 modifier, capital scale weapons can almost match conventional scale in to-hit numbers at the right ranges (pretty much anything other than point-blank). And when a NAC-30 hits a fighter squadron, that fighter squadron is in bad shape, if not completely routed.

Have you considered any of the new sub-capital weapons in TacOps? They only have a +3 modifier versus ships under 500 tons, and have capital scale ranges. The Piranha missiles especially can be an INCREDIBLE anti-fighter defense (and suffers no penalty to engage small vessels).

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Don't have Tac Ops, so I don't have access to those weapons yet. But as soon as I get it, I'll take a look at them. :D

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:38 pm 
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They are worth the look as hunter-killers once you get access.

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