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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:21 am 
Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant

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1, must only be Inner Sphere tech 2550 year to 2700 year
2, manufacturer must be Corruption Corporation
3, only weapons may be Inner Sphere Small Laser(s)
4, must be a 200 ton Spheroid DropShuttle capable of landing in and launching from a DropShip bay
5, must have at least 1 restaurant capable of feeding 20 characters (0.1 tons per character)
6, max of 1 point of standard armor per each location

Overview: The Fats & Fast Food Restaurant "Pig Out" Spheroid DropShuttle was designed to be a cheap DropShuttle to provide cheap addictive fatty and fast food from the Rim Worlds Republic so that the RWR leaders could get big profits from the sales of all those meaty and sugary junk food. Corrpution Corporation would have contests to determine which obese person's body could be inscribed of in the shadow of such a DropShuttle. As obesity became a problem in the Inner Sphere due to all those sales of that junk food including obesity in the SLDF, several consumer groups formed most notably MOMs (Moms Opposing Meats) and DADs (Dads Against Drugbeats), and while the Star League failed to outlaw so many of those junk food imports, the Star League did try to impose high tariffs on the RWR. When the RWR refused to pay those taxes, the SLDF was sent to the RWR to defeat the anti-tax rebellionists.

none of the above should be considered official

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