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 Post subject: Baron II Class Destroyer
PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:20 pm 

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I have my own faction of course. The Confederate Stars, a mix of Clan Wolverine, a planet of Taurian exiles, and the long lived survivors of an SLDF Corps. For the villains I use Brandal Gareth and his army, remember him? The Gray Death beat him but he got away with a fleet and an army and no one has made use of him since. And for the Word of Blake I created the Divine Light, the secret power in the Word,ruled by Precentor Blaine, with a real fleet and real army at Farland way out there, settled by a large refugee exodus from the Rim Worlds and since found and converted into Blake fanatics.

This warships is one I created for the Word of Blake and the Divine Light. The upgrade was easy since it had 137k tons of CARGO HOLD with no dropships and only 6 shuttles. Now it has a 50k ton cargo hold.

AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name: Baron II Destroyer
Tech: Inner Sphere / 2520
Vessel Type: WarShip
Rules: Level 2, Standard design
Rules Set: AeroTech2

Mass: 480,000 tons
K-F Drive System: (Unknown)
Length: 546 meters
Sail Diameter: 1,150 meters
Power Plant: Standard
Safe Thrust: 3
Maximum Thrust: 5
Armor Type: Improved Ferro-aluminum
34 NL45
10 NAC/25
6 White Shark
22 ER Large Laser
58 Medium Laser
The original Baron class Destroyer was not a success in the SLDF due to
faulty engine design that resulted in the ship being rather slow and unable to
keep up with the battleships it was supposed to support. Although many were
used to transport diiplomats, the ship was not a success among the 5 Houses
either. The Rim Worlds, due to being publicly loyal to the Star League, was
able to buy 2 dozen Barons when the SLDF took them off active duty in 2720.
And they obtained over a dozen more from the House navies.
The exodus from the Rim Worlds included several Barons. The SLDF also
left 2 at the Ruin of Gabriel. And Comstar recovered several others as well.
On Farland 3 Barons were refurbished and returned to active service.
When the time came that Farlands industries had been built up enough to
begin producing warships, it was considered which designs should be built.
One of the winners was the Baron II. The interior of the ship underwent a
full redeign as the majority of the cargo capacity was removed and replaced
with a new and better set of engines, more weapons, more armor, and greater
crew and passenger quarters.

The Baron II is the same tonnage as the original and has much the same
outward appearance as well. But the ship has been fully redesigned inside and
To start with, the 137,000 ton cargo bay has been reduced to 50,000 tons,
as the designers understood the Baron II is a warship, not a cargo barge.
Using the huge amount of tonnage thus made available, the ship mounts a new
and more powerful set of engines that make the Baron II about 35% faster.
Still not great speed, but better speed. The fuel bunkers have been enlarged
to 10,000 tons, enough for 253 days at normal speeds or 101 days at combat
speeds. And the ship has a Lithium Fusion Battery to give it greater jump
range. Also, the Baron II can carry 2 dropships where the old design could
carry none. Structural integrity has been greatly increased, allowing the
ship to carry considerably more armor protection.
The Baron II has greatly increased living quarters, not just to
accomodate the larger crew. The ship carries 1st class quarters for 20, and
2nd class quarters for 50 people. There is also sizeable steerage
accomodation for 100 people which can be used as a brig to hold prisoners as
well. Because of this the Baron II is the designated SAR ship in addition to
its other duties. As it cqn take aboard up to 170 people without any
additional strain on life support and the ship carries enough consumables to
feed a full load of people for nearly a year.
The old design carried a single fighter squadron, this has been increased
to 2 squadrons. And the half dozen shuttles have been increased to 8 of them
to support the 80 Marines in carrying out boarding and SAR operations.
The old Baron did not mount any fighter size weapons. This has been
changed and now there are plenty of such weapons firing into every arc. ER
PPCs, ER Large Lasers, and Medium Lasers. And the capital class weapons have
been greatly upgraded and in many areas increased in numbers.
The old design mounted Naval Laser 35s, and several NAC/10s and White
Shark missile launchers. To begin with, all the Naval Lasers have been
upgraded to NL45s and 2 have been added to the AL/AR firing arcs. The NACs
have been replaced with NAC/25s with 50 rounds per gun and 2 guns have been
added to the forward firing arc. The White Shark launchers have been
retained, with 20 missiles each.
All in all, the Baron II is a far more capable and effective combatant.
And because of its passenger accomodations it is also often the ship of choice
for transporting important to and from the periphery and the hidden worlds
secretly. For this purpose, the ship has Electronic Stealth Equipment which,
while it can do little to hide the ship from active sensors, are quite
effective at hiding the ship from passive sensors that are not within a few
hundred kilometers.
Between this and the ships weapons, fighters, shuttles, and Marines,
accidental encounters with Baron IIs have in the past always led to a captured
jumpship with the crew locked up in Steerage awaiting transport to a life in
exile on Farland or one of the hidden worlds.

==Battle History:==
Few knew how the Baron IIs perfomed in combat. But when Comstar tried to
retake Terra, they lost the one Baron II they had as their fleet was destroyed
by the Word of Blake, whose fleet at Terra included several of them. One of
them was destroyed.
When the Wolf Dragoons led the Allied Mercenariesattack on Terra and
lost, the Word of Blake fleet still included several Baron IIs who perfomed
very well.
When the Divine Light invaded the Outworlds Alliance and Rushaven their
naval forces included half a dozen Baron IIs. Most of which were destroyed or
captured but the Confederate Royal Naval forces counted them as effective

The Baron II is well known among Word of Blake forces, as a dozen of them
were built in the Terra system as part of the secret fleet. But only
Precentor Blain and the Divine Light know about the 3 dozen Baron IIs built at

Class/Model/Name: Baron II Destroyer
Mass: 480,000 tons

Equipment: Mass
Power Plant, Drive & Control: 86,400.00
Thrust: Safe Thrust: 3
Maximum Thrust: 5
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive: Compact (Integrity = 11) 217,200.00
Lithium Fusion Battery 4,800.00
Jump Sail: (Integrity = 4) 54.00
Structural Integrity: 45 21,600.00
Total Heat Sinks: 4,300 Single 3,840.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps: 10,200.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters: 1,200.00
Fire Control Computers: 2,200.00
Food & Water: (343 days supply) 1,069.50
Armor Type: Improved Ferro-aluminum (288 total armor pts) 429.50
Capital Scale Armor Pts
Location: L / R
Fore: 54
Fore-Left/Right: 48/48
Aft-Left/Right: 48/48
Aft: 42

Bay 1: Fighters (12) with 2 doors 1,800.00
Bay 2: Small Craft (8) with 2 doors 1,600.00
Bay 3: Cargo (1) with 1 door 50,000.00

DropShip Capacity: 2 Docking Hardpoints 2,000.00
Grav Deck #1: (65-meter diameter) 50.00
Life Boats: 32 (7 tons each) 224.00
Escape Pods: 60 (7 tons each) 420.00

Crew and Passengers:
57 Officers (50 minimum) 570.00
180 Crew (84 minimum) 1,260.00
72 Gunners (67 minimum) 504.00
20 1st Class Passengers 200.00
50 2nd Class Passengers 350.00
100 Steerage Passengers 500.00
80 Marines 400.00
64 Bay Personnel .00
Weapons and Equipment Loc SRV MRV LRV ERV Heat Mass
6 NL45 Nose 27 27 27 27 420 5,400.00
2 NAC/25(100 rounds) Nose 50 50 50 -- 170 6,060.00
8 ER PPC Nose 8(80) 8(80) 8(80) -- 120 56.00
2 NAC/25(100 rounds) FL/R 50 50 50 -- 340 12,120.00
2 White Shark(40 msls) FL/R 6 6 6 6 60 3,680.00
4 ER Large Laser FL/R 7(72) 3(32) 3(32) -- 96 40.00
8 Medium Laser 48 16.00
10 NL45 L/RBS 45 45 45 45 1400 18,000.00
6 ER PPC L/RBS 6(60) 6(60) 6(60) -- 180 84.00
10 Medium Laser L/RBS 5(50) -- -- -- 60 20.00
2 NAC/25(100 rounds) AL/R 50 50 50 -- 340 12,120.00
2 NL45 AL/R 9 9 9 9 280 3,600.00
4 ER Large Laser AL/R 6(62) 3(32) 3(32) -- 96 40.00
6 Medium Laser 36 12.00
4 NL45 Aft 18 18 18 18 280 3,600.00
2 White Shark(20 msls) Aft 6 6 6 6 30 1,040.00
6 ER Large Laser Aft 10(98) 5(48) 5(48) -- 72 30.00
10 Medium Laser 30 10.00
1 Lot Spare Parts (1.04%) 5,000.00
1 Electronic Stealth Equipm 200.00
TOTALS: Heat: 4,058 479,999.00
Tons Left: 1.00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 9,546,862,000 C-Bills
Battle Value: 116,288
Cost per BV: 82,096.71
Weapon Value: 40,113 (Ratio = .34)
Damage Factors: SRV = 4,470; MRV = 4,131; LRV = 3,145; ERV = 1,189
Maintenance: Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 346,844
(49,970 Structure, 139,270 Life Support, 157,604 Weapons)
Support Points (SP) = 365,301 (105% of MPV)
BattleForce2: Not applicable

Lyran-ism: You have two cows. One starts a business and becomes insanely rich. The other buys rank in your military and subsequently loses three assault regiments and two worlds to a band of pirates in Locusts.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:53 pm 

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Nice fluff, and the ship looks like it can give a lot book and player made stuff a run for the money.


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:40 am 
Commanding General
Commanding General

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I like it. The design and fluff mesh well together, and make sense all around. You have taken logical steps and made a dud of a design into something worth building, without going so far as to make it into a short duration gunboat. I know many book destroyers and corvettes don't have docking points for drop ships, but it never made sense to me. I'm glad to see a pair included in your upgrade.

Fairly small ships built similar to your Baron II are what I would envision actually being built. The Baron II has a punch of it's own, but can become an interesting hunter/killer team with carried pocket warships.

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