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 Post subject: TRO 3075 Rogue Bear
PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:34 am 
Private First Class
Private First Class

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Another inclusion from TRO 3075
        Classic BattleTech Battle Armor Technical Readout

Type/Model: Rogue Bear 
Tech/Era: Clan / 3067 / CBT Rules
Chassis Type: Humanoid
Weight Class: Heavy Battle Armor (1 001 - 1 500 kg)
Rules: Level 2, Standard design

Ground Speed: 10,8 km/h
Jump Capacity: 60 meters
Armor Type: Standard
Manufacturer: BA Facility Gamma
  Location: Mannendorf

In 3074, following a devastating Word of Blake attack on
Radstadt, the Ghost Bear Clan suddenly and overwhelmingly launched
a no-holds-barred assault against the Word of Blake forces
operating within the Draconis Combine, hitting the Woed-occupied
worlds of Lthien and Pesht with a Galaxy of troops each.
Demonstrating a brutality in combat scarcely matched by the Word
itself, the Bear forces have left few survivors intheir wake,
going so far as to execute warriors trapped in their own downed
cockpits. The sheer volume of troops committed to this new
campaign has been massive, with intelligence agencies and
observers in the Combine and elsewhere estimating that no less
than fiftypercent of the Bears' entire Touman is on the move.
Given the further evidence that the Clan Occupation Zones
have experienced a major upheaval, expert analysis has suggested
that this extreme deployment has left the Bears' Dominion even
more vulnerable to attack. However, recent findings - including
revelations of several new 'Mech and battle armor designs
currently undergoing widespread deployment - have shown that not
only have the Bears seen to the security of their hard-won worlds,
they have ensured that the defenders are well equipped.
The Rogue Bear heavy battlesuit was first spotted in Ghost
Bear garrisons in December 3073. Though it is lighter than the
Golem, the Rogue Bear, with its torso-mounted missiles and twin
arm-mounted machine guns, is clearly patterned on the Golem - so
much so that initial reports confused the two designs, especially
after the Hell's Horses recent debut of a more mobile Fast Assault
Golem variant. Careful analysis, however, soon revealed that the
Rogue Bear was a completely new model, engineered along similar
lines, but built lighter and with a different focus in mind.

Where the Golem is a hulking monster best suited to heavy
assault formations or defensive operations, the Rogue Bear is a
rapid responder for a battlesuit its size. At the same time, its
weapons load and armor design appear far less sophisticated than
those of the Golem, underscoring the notion that this suit is not
meant so much to serve as a shock troop as it is a secondary
supporting element. Slow overland but capable of sixty-meter jumps
under terrestrial gravity, the Rogue Bear carries only three
hundred kilograms of standard armor - merely twenty percent more
than a standard Elemental. Its primary weapons consist of a
four-shot, three-tube SRM launcher hardwired to its backand an
antipersonnel machine gun in each arm. The missile launcher's
hard-mounted nature make this suit bulky even under optimum
conditions, but this feature suggests a pressing need to discard
as little as possible, even in combat. Meanwhile, for ultra-close
combat (as well as the ability to mount up on Omni units for fast
transport), the Rogue Bear use vibro-blade-enhanced battle claw

==Notable Battle Armor & Warriors:==
Point Commander Igmar:
Born on Tukayyid in 3051, Igmar Ohlson lived under the specter of
the Clan invasion and ComStar overwatch for practically his entire
life. Raised in the shattered, post-Invasion Republic, Ohlson
adopted many of the common Rasalhagian attitudes toward
mercenaries and the Clan Invaders, as well as a general distrust
toward all outsiders. Coming of age at the onset of the Jihad,
Ohlson quickly developed a new hatred for the Word of Blake after
the Blakist troops sacked his homeworld, and he laid some of that
blame on ComStar as well. In 3068, he joined the KungsArmé with
dreams of driving the Word and ComStar out of his realm forever,
and his raw physical strength and aptitudes won him a place in the
battle armor corps and an eventual assignment to the First Tyr.

When the Ghost Bears later came to ``liberate`` Tukayyid and
simultaneously presented an offer of alliance with the Rasalhague
Republic, Ohlson was one of many Rasalhagians who found themselves
conflicted and angry. Despite thi, he swore his loyalty to the
Republic and his people, which - to him - included those living
under the Bears' Dominion. In early 3074, the first Tyr was called
upon to help purge a Blakist terror cell on Radstadt that turnrd
out to be the 43rd Shadow Division. As one of the few survivors of
the devastating battle, Ohlson's heroic actions in covering a
fighting withdrawal by Rasalhagian and Ghost Bears troops won him
a Trial of Position for the rank of PointCommander and a Rogue
Bear battlesuit - fresh from the factory - to replace the Kobold
he lost on Radstadt.

Unlike other newly developed units joining the Ghost Bears'
Touman, the Rogue Bear has not appeared among the commands
engaging the Word of Blake. Instead , this armor - still in
limited numbers - has turned up among a few second-line Clusters
staged across the Ghost Bear Dominion, including the recently
activated First Tyr Assault Cluster stationed on the former Free
Rasalhague Republic capital of Orestes. This is particularly
striking considering that the First Tyr is primary manned br
ethnic Rasalhagians and was formerly known as the First Tyr
Regiment before the Ghost Bears annexed the remains of the
Republic. After the former KungsArmé command - then undergoing
retraining in Clan-style organization and tactics - narrowly
avoided destruction during the brutal fighting on Radstadt in
3074, the Bears apparently chose to reward these abtakha troops
with the first run of Rogue Bear suits and other Clan equipment.

Type/Model: Rogue Bear
Equipment: Slots Mass
Chassis Type: Heavy Class Humanoid with HarJel     0 400
Motive System: Ground Movement (1 MP)               0 0
Jump Jets (2 MP)               0 250
Armor Type:    13 Points Standard                   0 325

  Left Arm:    Battle Vibro-Claw                    0 50
  Right Arm:   Battle Vibro-Claw                    0 50

Weapons and Equipment Loc Shots Slots Mass
Machine Gun                          LA       50     1 100
Machine Gun                          RA       50     1 100
SRM 3                                Body     4     3 225
TOTALS:                                      5 1 500
Slots & Mass Left:                                   7 0

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 956 240 C-Bills, Including Trooper
Training Costs of 200 000 C-bills
Battle Value: 57 (285 for 5) Weapon Value: 64 (Ratio=1,12)
Cost per BV: 13 267,37 (w/o Trooper Training costs)
Damage Factors: SRDmg = 4 MRDmg = 0 LRDmg = 0
Mechanized: Travels on OmniMechs
Attacks: Can not perform Swarm or Leg attacks
BattleForce2: Class: IB MP: 2J Armor/Structure: 3 / 0
                Damage PB/M/L: 3/1/- Overheat: 0
                Point Value: 3 Specials: mec, car5

CBT:RPG Data: Armor Value (M/B/E/X): 10/9/9/8 Coverage: Full
                IR: 0, ECM: 0, Camo: 0
                Melee AP: 2, Target Size Modifier: -2
                Movement Modifiers:
                 Walking: -3, Running: -6, Sprinting: -9
                Jump: 60 m/turn
                Attribute Modifiers: STR: +4, DEX: -1, RFL: -3
                Equipment Rating: F/D/E

                Created by HeavyMetal Battle Armor

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:39 pm 
General Know it All
General Know it All

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Thank you for sharing, :thumbsup: , the link is 'dead' though :(

Dave. :disguise:

Battle Corps : FED-03C3


Ahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Aahahaha!


Yrs sincerely
The Opera Ghost
— (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:13 pm 
The Last Boy Scout
The Last Boy Scout

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Nice design. Exelent fluff.

General Brett "Hitman" Coote S.L.M.H., P.H. w/9 Clusters, S.S.B.
S.L.A.F. (Retired)
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:29 pm 

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Nice design. Exelent fluff.
It's canon, he just reposted it from TRO 3075.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:16 am 
The Last Boy Scout
The Last Boy Scout

Joined: Thu Oct 18, 2001 8:00 pm
Posts: 9172
Location: Innsifil, Ont., Canada
I didn't know. Mannly because I don't have TRO 3075 yet. :D

General Brett "Hitman" Coote S.L.M.H., P.H. w/9 Clusters, S.S.B.
S.L.A.F. (Retired)
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:51 pm 
Private First Class
Private First Class

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Location: in a snowbanck near Montreal
Sorry if it wasn't clear. :sad:

Because nothing official is out yet, I did some Mechs (those that could be done)and BA from the new TROs (3055u, Annex and 3075) including the Fluff and decided to post some of them here and on the CBT forum.


I guest I can't post them on CBT. :oops: My bad, please remove them if it infringe on any NDA.


And I made a test and none of those designs I loaded here recently works. :o :sad: It seems the design loading page doesn't work at all.

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