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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 1:24 pm 
Supreme Mugwump
Supreme Mugwump

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the Mark 1 infantry transport device is a container that is box-shaped about half of its length, with tapered ends front and rear. its volume is large enough to carry an infantrist plus equipment in water, wich makes it usefull as canoe. at its bottom, in the middle it has a square tube going across it. into this tube two crank shaped wheel holders are stuck. this can be in two positions: with the arm pointing up the wheel is flat with the outside of the box, with the arms pointing down the device turns into a two wheeled cart. at the bottom of the device ribs are located wich make it possible to use the device as a sled.
the device is long enough to carry a stretcher.
the box shape allowes several of the devices to be tied together to form a makeshift float/ferry. when a sufficient number is present they could be used as a floating infantry-bridge.
each of the devices has three holes at the top: in the center hole a soldier could sit, the two other holes allow acces to the goods stored inside of it.
each device comes with a two-sided paddle, wich could be separated into two one-sided paddles. there are also tarpaulins for covering the holes, and a textile cover with two diferent colors that can be used to make the device less visible, the colors depend on the intended use(world/season etc.) aditional covers and tarps with different colors can be purchased for different worlds.

the Mk 1 ITD allows a non motorised infantry unit to travel acros water and solid ground,as well as snow, while carrying much more equipment than an unsuported infantry unit could usually carry. this without depending on fuel supply.

the Mk 1 ITD is made from fibre-reinforced plastic/resin, the exact material would vary depending on the materials available on the producing world. because of its simple nature it could be simply produced on every world that can produce fibre-reinforced structures, work-cost can be cut by letting the soldiers build their own, which they would gladly do as soon as they see how it eases their lives.

typos and spelling-mistakes are property of the finder. english is not my mother-tongue.

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