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 Post subject: DCS Mikasa (Battleship)
PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 2:55 pm 

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Featured in my story 'Kerensky and Kurita', the Mikasa is now fully fleshed out for any of you who wish use the Flagship of the Kurita Fleet. Named after Admiral Tojo's flagship at Tsushima Straits during the Russo-Japanese War, in my story the Mikasa is the keeper of the ancient 'Z Flag'--the very same signal flag that Admiral Tojo flew to signal his attack. The same flag that Admiral Nagumo flew aboard the Akagi to launch the first wave against Pearl Harbor.

Please critique and comment about this ship. I know that she is not optimized, but real ships are often not optimized either (at least according to wargamers of all ages!). Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. The Mikasa.
                    AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:  Mikasa (Battleship) 
Tech:              Inner Sphere / 2750
Vessel Type:       WarShip
Rules:             Level 2, Custom design
Rules Set:         AeroTech2

Mass:              1,000,000 tons
K-F Drive System:  (Unknown)
Length:            905 meters
Sail Diameter:     1,206 meters
Power Plant:       Standard
Safe Thrust:       3
Maximum Thrust:    5
Armor Type:        Ferro-carbide
   14 NAC/20
    8 NL55
   20 White Shark
   48 Medium NPPC
At the dawn of the Age of War, House Kurita stood poised to absorb its
neighbors.  Standing in their way, however, was the Terran Hegemony.  In 2314,
the Draconis Combine commissioned their answer the Hegemony Dreadnought class
Battleship--the Mikasa class.  Unfortunately for House Kurita, the Hegemony
replaced the Dreadnought with the Monsoon shortly thereafter, and less than a
century later launched the Farragut.

The six ships of the Mikasa class had been intended as only the first of
dozens, but when the naval arms race took off between the Hegemony and the
other great powers, the rest of the program was cancelled; those ships were
replaced in service by the heavier and more powerful Nagato class in 2351, the
Ise class in 2400, and the Musashi class in 2584.

After the formation of the Star League, House Kurita curtailed its extremely
expensive battleship program, instead choosing to modernize its existing
ships.  Though small by modern standards, the Mikasa's were not disposed of,
indeed, DCS Mikasa remained the Flagship of the Draconis Combine Admirality
until the very last.

When the Regency of Richard Cameron began, tensions were once more on the
rise, and House Kurita began to refit and rearm, exceeding the levels set in
Star League law.  They were unable to produce additional battleships--these
vessels were far too obvious to be hid as other types of ships--but did refit
all existing ships up to the standards of the day.

This latest refit, just before the Coup, the Exodus, and the First Succession
War, is the version of the Mikasa described below.

Small for a battleship, the Mikasa was the first heavy warship ever built by
the Draconis Combine.  Orginally built to answer the Dreadnought, she found
herself out-massed and out-gunned by the newer Monsoon, Farragut, Texas, and
McKenna class ships.  However, she and her sisters remained capable to the
very end of their long careers.

On a one million ton frame, the Mikasa class was able to generate a maximum
thrust of 2.5-g's, extraordinary for the era in which they were designed. 
Fuel bunkers were provided for 7,200 tons of tankage, enough to continually
thrust at 1-g for over 180 days.  A full years supply of food, water, and air
was included for the 900 crew and passengers.

Originally developed without docking collars, the Mikasa class were refitted
with six during the mid-2400's, and their DropShip sized shuttlebays removed. 
Eighteen aerospace fighters and six small craft provided additional support
vessels for her operations, as did the 200 embarked Marines.

Mikasa and her sisters were designed from the first as flagships--each one
mounts a secondary bridge manned by 18 officers and 44 enlisted personnel
(included in the passenger lists below).  An additional 237 passengers,
Marines, or additional crew could also be accomodated, in varying levels of

Nearly 1,600 tons of armor provided ample protection for her weight-class.  In
her earlier days, this was standard armor, but she was refited with Improved
Ferro-Aluminun in the late 2400's and with Ferro-Carbide in the early years of
the 28th century.

Powering the Mikasa was a new type of fusion plant developed by the Combine. 
For nearly one hundred years, they managed to keep the technological secrets
from the Hegemony, but eventually, the design was stolen.  It formed the basis
of all modern WarShip power plants.  However, occassionaly, construction yards
and ship designers have failed to understand all aspects of the plant,
resulting in power shortages, failures, and constant strain on the heat
dissipation sinks.

Ship designers and construction yards other than those used by House Kurita. 
Mounted in their ships, these plants worked flawlessly, providing more power
for their weight than any other, and allowing the ships to power their weapon
systems without a second thought.  An efficient heat transfer sytem bled off
the excess heat from weapons fire in a manner not duplicated until late in the
Star League.

Weaponry of the Mikasa class was changed many times over their careers.  Their
last recorded battery is the one we will concentrate on here, today.  Fourteen
NAC-20's formed the core of the ship's firepower.  Though not the heaviest
naval autocannon available, these guns had a good range, and provided ample
ammunition.  Two were mounted in the nose, the aft, and the four quarters,
each with 100 rounds.  One gun was mounted in each of the broadsides, with 50

Backing up the heavy guns fore and aft were eight NL-55 heavy naval lasers,
mounted in two quad bays (one fore, one aft).  In addition, ten White Shark
capital missile launchers, in two bays of five (one fore, one aft) with 300
missiles provided impressive anti-fighter capacity.

Another set of ten White Shark launchers were mounted--again with 300
missiles--in two five launcher bays in the port and starboard broadsides.

The real secret behind the success of the Mikasa though was in the forty-eight
Medium Naval PPC's mounted in her fore-quarters, her broadsides, and her
aft-quarters.  Twelve quad bays were emplaced there, two per firing arc.  With
a single broadside, Mikasa and her sisters could fire two dozen of these
devastating weapons at a foe 900 kilometers distant.  Their orbital fire
support capabilities were frightening for their time.

==Notable Vessels & Crews:==
DCS Mikasa
DCS Shikishima
DCS Fuji
DCS Yashima
DCS Hatsuse
DCS Asahi

House Kurita kept all of her Battleship concentrated during their long years
of service to the state.  These ships were never deployed alone, or even with
a small escort.  No.  When House Kurita commited its battle-line to combat, no
less than eight of her battleships would deploy, covered by their escorting

Despite the age and tight spaces of the Mikasa's, they served in three of the
Draconis Combine Admirality's Battle Squadrons, the First, Second, and Third. 
Only the Fourth Squadron had no Mikasa's in their ranks.  DCS Mikasa was not
only the Flagship of the Combine Fleet, but also commanded the entire First
Battle Squadron.

Class/Model/Name:  Mikasa (Battleship) 
Mass:              1,000,000 tons

Equipment:                                                            Mass  
Power Plant, Drive & Control:                                      180,000.00
Thrust:  Safe Thrust: 3
      Maximum Thrust: 5
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive:  Compact (Integrity = 20)               452,500.00
Jump Sail: (Integrity = 5)                                              80.00
Structural Integrity: 80                                            80,000.00
Total Heat Sinks:    4,150 Double                                    3,505.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps:                                                   7,344.00
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters:              2,500.00
Fire Control Computers:                                                   .00
Food & Water:  (360 days supply)                                     1,620.00
Armor Type:  Ferro-carbide  (1,326 total armor pts)                  1,597.00
                           Capital Scale Armor Pts
   Location:                            L / R
   Fore:                                221
   Fore-Left/Right:                  221/221
   Aft-Left/Right:                   221/221
   Aft:                                 221

   Bay 1:  Fighters (18) with 3 doors                                2,700.00
   Bay 2:  Small Craft (6) with 2 doors                              1,200.00
   Bay 3:  Cargo (1) with 1 door                                    45,263.00

DropShip Capacity:  6 Docking Hardpoints                             6,000.00
Grav Decks #1 - 2:  (105-meter diameter)                               200.00
Grav Decks #3 - 4:  (85-meter diameter)                                100.00

Crew and Passengers:
     58 Officers (58 minimum)                                          580.00
    187 Crew (187 minimum)                                           1,309.00
     90 Gunners (90 minimum)                                           630.00
     59 1st Class Passengers                                           590.00
    120 2nd Class Passengers                                           840.00
    120 Steerage Passengers                                            600.00
    200 Marines                                                      1,000.00
     66 Bay Personnel                                                     .00
Weapons and Equipment      Loc        SRV    MRV    LRV    ERV  Heat    Mass
2 NAC/20(100 rounds)       Nose        40     40     40     --  120  5,040.00
4 NL55                     Nose        22     22     22     22  340  4,400.00
5 White Shark(150 msls)    Nose        15     15     15     15   75  6,600.00
4 Medium NPPC              FL/R        36     36     36     36 1080 14,400.00
4 Medium NPPC              FL/R        36     36     36     36 1080 14,400.00
2 NAC/20(100 rounds)       FL/R        40     40     40     --  240 10,080.00
4 Medium NPPC              L/RBS       36     36     36     36 1080 14,400.00
4 Medium NPPC              L/RBS       36     36     36     36 1080 14,400.00
1 NAC/20(50 rounds)        L/RBS       20     20     20     --  120  5,040.00
5 White Shark(150 msls)    L/RBS       15     15     15     15  150 13,200.00
4 Medium NPPC              AL/R        36     36     36     36 1080 14,400.00
4 Medium NPPC              AL/R        36     36     36     36 1080 14,400.00
2 NAC/20(100 rounds)       AL/R        40     40     40     --  240 10,080.00
2 NAC/20(100 rounds)       Aft         40     40     40     --  120  5,040.00
4 NL55                     Aft         22     22     22     22  340  4,400.00
5 White Shark(150 msls)    Aft         15     15     15     15   75  6,600.00
1 Lot Spare Parts (5.00%)                                           50,000.00
1 Bay Personnel Quarters                                               462.00
1 Flag Bridge                                                        2,500.00
TOTALS:                                            Heat: 8,300   1,000,000.00
Tons Left:                                                                .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        7,535,431,600 C-Bills
Battle Value:      182,172
Cost per BV:       41,364.38
Weapon Value:      96,238 (Ratio = .53)
Damage Factors:    SRV = 7,480;  MRV = 7,480;  LRV = 5,893;  ERV = 2,329
Maintenance:       Maintenance Point Value (MPV) = 630,660
                   (92,850 Structure, 270,250 Life Support, 267,560 Weapons)
                   Support Points (SP) = 387,926  (62% of MPV)
BattleForce2:      Not applicable

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Impressive. Maybe a little light in the teeth, but the fact most of her big guns are energy based makes up for this.

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The energy weapons combined with enough heat sinks really make up for any perceived lack of firepower. I like it.

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